Lackluster Response to Neo-Nazism Earns Ron Desantis Criticism

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Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida and one of Trump’s main competitors in the Republican presidential primary, has come under fire once again for his weak response to neo-Nazi activity in his state. His latest critic is Representative Randy Fine. Who is Randy Fine? Randy Fine is a representative in the Florida State House. He’s … Read more

Why Mike Pence Will Almost Certainly Testify Against Donald Trump

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This week, former Vice President Mike Pence ended his lackluster campaign for the presidency. That has increased the chances he flips on his former boss to almost one hundred percent, according to an analyst. Pence in danger After Biden prevailed in the 2020 presidential election, Trump began making baseless accusations of widespread voter fraud. He … Read more

How a Second Trump Term Could Destroy the Government as We Know It

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For almost 150 years, much of the federal government has operated on principles that, in part, ensure its independence from executive power. Should Trump succeed in retaking the presidency, he could carry out a long-held conservative plan to destroy that. Meet the civil service The civil service, in the US, basically means any non-military individuals … Read more

Yet Another Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty

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Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis made a remorseful plea about her involvement with Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election. With yet another former ally giving up the fight, things look even worse for Trump. Jenna Ellis makes a plea The conservative lawyer known for being part of Donald Trump’s legal team issued a regretful … Read more

Former GOP Staffer Has a Grim Warning for the Republican Party

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On Saturday, a former GOP appeared on MSNBC, where they uttered a stark warning for Republicans. The Party’s embrace of extremism, represented by their choice of Mike Johnson for speaker of the House, will cost them politically. Meet the staffer Kurt Bardella was a staffer for two Republicans, Sen. Olympia Snowe and Rep. Darrell Issa. … Read more

Trump’s Pardon of Michael Flynn Under Scrutiny After Powell’s Plea

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Former President Donald Trump’s pardon of his ex-national security adviser, General Michael Flynn, is facing renewed scrutiny after the admission of Sidney Powell, previously associated with Trump’s inner circle, pleaded guilty to six charges. Flynn’s Guilty Plea In 2020, Flynn had admitted to lying to the FBI back in 2017. However, he later retracted his guilty … Read more

“Failure of Character” – Romney Exposes GOP’s Fears and Criticizes Trump’s Impact on American Politics

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Senator Mitt Romney, in a revealing conversation with his biographer McKay Coppins, disclosed that the fear of retribution from Donald Trump’s fervent supporters significantly swayed the voting decisions of Republican Congress members. New revelations  These details emerged as Coppins discussed the insights he gained during his interactions with Romney ahead of the release of Romney’s … Read more