Former GOP Staffer Has a Grim Warning for the Republican Party

On Saturday, a former GOP appeared on MSNBC, where they uttered a stark warning for Republicans. The Party’s embrace of extremism, represented by their choice of Mike Johnson for speaker of the House, will cost them politically.

Meet the staffer

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Kurt Bardella was a staffer for two Republicans, Sen. Olympia Snowe and Rep. Darrell Issa.

The context

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Bardella issued their warning while on MSNBC’s Ayman. The topic of the discussion was House Republican’s choice of Mike Johnson for speaker of the House.

Mike Johnson, extremist

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By choosing Mike Johnson, the Republican Party has thrown itself behind extremism. Johnson represents the very far-right wing of the Party.

To Trump or not to Trump

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In a sense, Bardella argued, by choosing Johnson, House Republicans have effectively shown they remain on the side of former President Donald Trump. Trump is currently facing criminal charges for attempting to overturn the 2020 election. 

Time to face the music

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Choosing Trump and the various forms of extremism he represents and supports will not be a popular choice with most Americans. “If you do what Donald Trump and the MAGA universe wants you to do,” Bardella said, “kiss your majority goodbye.”

A path with no good end

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“If you go all in on being anti-woman, if you go all in on being anti-LGBTQ, if you go in on being anti-diversity,” Bardella continued, “guess what? This guy is going to lead you into the political abyss.”

Johnson and Trump

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Mike Johnson is one of former President Trump’s staunchest allies in the House. He led the charge to attempt to overturn the 2020 election, with The New York Times calling him the “most important architect of the Electoral College objections.”

Johnson’s worldview

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Johnson is a devout Christian who has said that in order to understand his worldview, people should read the Bible. He has spent years fighting against abortion rights, which he once compared to Hitler, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Unpopularity contest

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Many of Johnson’s extreme views are shared by only a small fraction of Americans. For example, only 13% of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, according to Gallup. And just 28% think that same-sex marriage should not be valid.

Republicans have two options

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Bardella outlined the options facing House Republicans now. Their first choice, Bardella said, is to “do what the MAGA people want, shut down the government, ensure more chaos, as if we have not had enough of that coming from the House of Representatives over the last month. 

A stark choice for Republicans

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The second choice, Bardella continued, is to “do something that just alienates you from the MAGA universe, and then you end up repeating the cycle of kicking at the speaker and trying to find somebody else.”

No great option

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“It is just bad choices all around right now,” Bardella concluded, “for this rudderless party.”

A dark future

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“They have actually boxed themselves in,” Bardella said. Bardella is just one of many commentators who have predicted that the GOP’s endorsement of unpopular extremism will lead to electoral catastrophe.

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