University professor posted a “Christian privilege” board and connected Christianity to systemic racism and White supremacy

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A lecturer posted a bulletin explaining how “Christian privilege” is linked to White supremacy and systemic racism at Native American and Indigenous Studies at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The display was added last year Charmayne “Charli” Champion-Shaw, a professor at IUPUI, posted the controversial display in 2022, and it stayed there until recently, reports … Read more

Ron DeSantis-controlled Disney district abolishes diversity, equity initiatives – “Illegal and simply un-American”

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Walt Disney World’s governing district, now under the control of DeSantis’ appointees, abolished all diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. Official confirmation The statement read, “The district’s DEI committee will be dissolved, and any DEI job duties will be eliminated.” It added that employees of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District “will also no longer be … Read more

Trump scores a victory – Judge rules Trump’s false election claims while in office covered by presidential immunity

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Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge Michael Erdos said that Trump was protected by presidential immunity in a suit filed by an election worker regarding the 2020 election results. The judge’s ruling Judge Erdos wrote in the ruling, “Other legal proceedings may examine the propriety of his statements and actions while he was the … Read more

Billionaire GOP Georgia donor drops Trump over election fraud allegations, says election was “pretty damn clean”

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The most prominent Trump donor from Georgia, a billionaire Tommy Bagwell, interrupted pro-Donald Trump election lawyer Cleta Mitchell to tell her he was dropping financing Trump’s campaign over the 2020 election narrative. There is an audio clip Lauren Windsor, an activist, shared on Twitter the audio clip, where you can hear what went down at … Read more

“Donald’s an idiot” – Trump’s former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen explains ex-president’s biggest mistake

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Trump’s former lawyer turned one of his fiercest critics talked to CNN about his former boss’s spending habits and explained why he believes that Trump is “truly an idiot.” Cohen on what makes Trump an “idiot” Cohen declared, “Donald’s an idiot.” He continued, “Let me just be very clear when it comes to paying money, … Read more

Trump’s AG warns Republicans to “be careful” of getting entangled in Trump’s “carnage” because “loyalty is a one-way street”

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Former attorney general Bill Barr, who served in the Trump administration, “warned fellow Republicans of getting caught in “Trump carnage,” claiming, “Loyalty is a one-way street” the former president. Barr was referring to the added charges in the case of classified documents The former AG told CNN, “In many ways, these two people down in … Read more

Rogan said that under Trump, “the county was thriving,” adding, “policies were actually effective,” but people are not sure

US President Donald Trump hosts a roundtable discussion with Hispanic pastors at the White House on January 25, 2019, in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP)

On his podcast, Joe Rogan made some bold claims about Trump’s presidency, including that the “country was thriving,” but many disagreed. Rogan praised Trump Rogan said on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, “It looked like [Trump’s] policies were actually effective, and it looked like unemployment was down, business was building, regulations were being relaxed, more … Read more

Kari Lake orders all Republican nominees to “suspend their campaigns and step behind and support President Trump”

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Kari Lake believes all Republicans running in the GOP primaries should stop campaigning and stand behind the former president because the Department of Justice is “going after an innocent man.” Lake’s big speech Lake called the latest indictment of Trump “election interference, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.” Former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate, whom some … Read more

“Devastating financial blow” – McDonald’s franchise slams Newsom’s fast-food law as “draconian” claiming it will cost “$250,000 per restaurant”

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McDonald’s franchise group blasted California’s bill to increase wages for fast-food workers, claiming it will “result in a devastating financial blow.” The new bill signed into law The new AB 1228 legislation, or the Fast Food Franchisor Responsibility Act, set a minimum wage rate of $20 per hour, making it the highest in the country. … Read more

Some Republicans are willing to move Biden’s impeachment from Comer to Jordan, “I wasn’t thrilled with the witnesses”

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House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer is struggling with the impeachment hearing, so some GOP lawmakers believe Jim Jordan would reportedly do a better job. Boebert is not thrilled Lauren Boebert commented, “I wasn’t thrilled with the witnesses,” but added that the Oversight Committee will improve. Jordan has more experience A senior Republican aide reportedly … Read more

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s boyfriend claims that liberal women are “the ugliest”- “I mean, zero makeup…”

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Brian Glenn, a right-wing host better known as Marjorie Taylor Greene’s boyfriend, made vile remarks about liberal women, calling them “the ugliest.” Glenn talked to Trump’s female lawyer While awaiting Trump’s rally in Iowa, Glenn talked to Christina Bobb, a Trump attorney. The Right Side Broadcasting Network host initially shared, “I believe that conservative and … Read more