Marjorie Taylor Greene’s boyfriend shares his feelings on liberal women

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Brian Glenn, a right-wing host better known as Marjorie Taylor Greene’s boyfriend, made vile remarks about liberal women, calling them “the ugliest.” Glenn talked to Trump’s female lawyer While awaiting Trump’s rally in Iowa, Glenn talked to Christina Bobb, a Trump attorney. The Right Side Broadcasting Network host initially shared, “I believe that conservative and … Read more

27 Things MAGA Supporters Permanently Ruined for Others

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The question differs from how the MAGA movement affected the US and the world. Instead, this was posted with the intent to focus on what MAGA ruined for individuals, and some answers are genuinely heartbreaking. Empathy One person on Reddit wrote how MAGA ruined their empathy. They said, “I don’t care about their point of … Read more

President Biden’s approval rating is positive for the first time in months

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President Biden received a positive poll rating for the first time in five months, the Rasmussen Reports survey reported. The numbers have not been kind to Biden The Rasmussen Reports found that 49 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance while 48 percent disapprove. According to polling aggregate site FiveThirtyEight, despite the narrow approval, this … Read more

Virginia high schoolers organize walkout over very uncomfortable transgender bathroom policies


Virginia high schoolers from Loudoun County protested in response to policies that allow trans and nonbinary students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. Virginia students have already protested In September 2022, over 1000 students organized a walkout in response to anti-trans policies. Students in Woodbridge, Springfield, Manassas, McLean, and other Virginia cities … Read more

Obama-appointed Judge clears the way for Trump’s candidacy after private citizen challenges his eligibility

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Judge Robin Rosenberg dismissed a lawsuit challenging Trump’s candidacy brought by Boynton Beach tax attorney Lawrence Caplan and two more individuals. The Judge’s ruling Rosenberg ruled, “An individual citizen does not have standing to challenge whether another individual’s qualified to hold public office.” The Judge added that “the injuries alleged” in the lawsuit were not … Read more

Oregon eliminates “inaccurate” and “inequitable” academic proficiency requirements for students to graduate

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Oregon’s Department of Education has recently eliminated the requirement for students to prove proficiency in basic academic skills to earn a high school diploma.   Initial Academic Requirements Before Senate Bill 744, proficiency in reading, writing, and math was a prerequisite for Oregon high school graduation. Statewide Assessment Standards Students had to demonstrate this proficiency by … Read more

“He hasn’t finished destroying the Republican Party:” Nearly half of GOP voters do not want “an indicted, twice-impeached” Trump as the 2024 nominee

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Nearly half, or 44%, of the Republicans, do not want Trump to be their candidate in the upcoming elections. The Democrats face a similar situation with Biden, though the two presidents have very different issues surrounding them. Based on a sample, 70% of Americans do not want Trump at all The poll conducted by The … Read more

Black & Lesbian Harvard law grad is “silenced” for claiming transgender athletes “have no place in women’s sports”

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A black lesbian Harvard law graduate was censored for “violating community rules” after stating that trans women do not belong in female spaces. Monica Harris wrote a blog post The post was quickly removed, and while she wanted to explain the “impact of transgender inclusion on the rights of women and lesbians,” her article was … Read more