15 “Unmanly” Things Manly Guys Do and Are NOT Sorry

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Many people are no longer afraid to step outside the gender norms to redefine them and make their lives richer. Things that used to be considered “unmanly” are not celebrated among all genders since they bring joy, and some are essential to one’s well-being. So, what are the things that men enjoy, though society still … Read more

Dad Warned His Daughter Not to Plan Her Wedding on the First Anniversary of His Baby’s Death, But She Ignored Him, So He Didn’t Go


Specific dates stay with us forever, sometimes for the best possible reasons and other times because our worst nightmares come to life. A dad shared how he chose to skip his older daughter’s wedding because of the date. The day his baby died The father shared, “The wedding was on March 25, which coincides with … Read more