Chris Christie believes voters will ignore “four-time loser” Trump, adds, “no one will expect him to concede”

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie believes Americans will leave Trump “en masse” if he fails to secure the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. The Republican, one of the Trump’s harshest critics, had more to say about his former ally. “Four-time loser” While on ABC’s “This Week,” Christie stated, “I think the public en masse … Read more

Rudy Giuliani is in a “grim” situation, Litman and Kreis asserted, adding things look “particularly devastating”

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Former U.S. attorney and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman and law professor Anthony Kreis gave their input on Giuliani’s situation from the legal standpoint, and things are not looking great for the man once called America’s Mayor. Giuliani will not be offered a plea deal Sources close to The Guardian claim that Fulton … Read more

Legal analyst claims “Game over, he’s guilty” following a bombshell testimony from Trump’s lawyer

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After ABC News dropped a bombshell report claiming that Trump’s attorney Jennifer Little “very clearly” warned the former president about a subpoena regarding classified documents, a legal expert said it was “bullseye for prosecutors.” Little and another lawyer met with Trump The report says that Little and another Trump attorney, Evan Corcoran, met with him … Read more

Democrat flips the script on Weaponization Committee Chair Jim Jordan

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Democratic representative Stacey Plaskett pointed out the hypocrisy during the House subcommittee investigation into the weaponization of government. Plaskett called out Jim Jordan and reminded him of Trump’s recent comments about using the DOJ for revenge. The distraction Plaskett, a Democrat representing the Virgin Islands, said, “They want to distract from the actual threat of … Read more