Woman Wanted to Share Her Joy for Little Meaningless Things with Her Boyfriend, but He Was Tired of It and Shut Her Down

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A man turned to social media to talk about his girlfriend’s “joy for little meaningless things up to 5 times a day.” Posted in Reddit’s AITA thread, the man, 33, wrote that his girlfriend, 27, was “tiring.” He elaborated by saying they then went hiking, and the girlfriend “was obviously having the time of her … Read more

Bride & Groom Request $360 from Guests to Attend the Wedding, PLUS Free Labor to Help Them Set Up the Decorations

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The subreddit bridezilla had an interesting topic. Someone shared that a couple wants guests to pay $360 to attend the wedding, plus free labor to help them set up the decorations.Further, the bride and groom requested “no one (especially women) [being] allowed to wear overpowering scents” because the bride didn’t want them competing with the … Read more

She Gets Furious as Her Daughter’s Daycare Made Her Nap with Other Children Instead of on Her ‘Specific’ Schedule – ‘Did I go too far here?’

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A working mom took to Reddit’s AITA to find out if she was overstepping by insisting the daycare stick to her daughter’s napping schedule. In the post, “Emma’s” mom says it is “important for her health and happiness to have a consistent routine.” The mom noticed her daughter’s “nap schedule was being disrupted.” Initially, she … Read more