Daughter’s Trip to Costco with Mom’s Card Turns into a Fraudulent Nightmare

A young woman known as Temo (@tvmoo_) shared a Costco fiasco on TikTok, gaining over two million views.

The video was captioned, “On the phone for 20 min 3 ppl on the line to confirm that yes I’m at Costco and yes my mom authorizes the transaction like??” It shows the daughter using her mom’s card and being declined for “fraudulent activity.”

Temo’s video included a message, “Please wait, help is on the way,” with her giving a sarcastic thumbs up.

The video resonated with many, as one user wrote, “Costco did the same thing to me. [I] used my mom’s card, and (they) declined it. They are so strict about it.”

The same TikTok user added, “That’s why I prefer going to Sam’s.”

Another comment said, “I was buying goldfish with my dad’s Costco card, and they escorted me out and didn’t let me buy the goldfish and flagged his account for fraud.”

“One time, a Costco cashier refused to let me cash out because my mom sent me with her card to buy stuff,” the third added. “She really acted like I was trying to steal….”


on the phone for 20 min 3 ppl on the line to confirm that yes I’m at Costco and yes my mom authorizes the transaction like ??

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The story went viral on several social media platforms, including Reddit. A Reddit user warned, “You can get your Costco membership revoked by doing that depending on what the policy is at that store,”

Another went through a similar situation with his brother: “My brother asked to borrow the card. I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I let him. I’m not sure how they knew, but after that, a manager or lead was called over and checked my ID at the register. When I asked why they told me I had let someone use my membership and was on probation for six months. This happened every single time I went until the six months was over.”

Costco’s official policy states that membership cards are “not transferable.” It adds that “membership may be terminated at Costco’s discretion and without cause.”

Some social media users encouraged others to get their membership card, with one stating, “Guys, it’s $5 a month to have a membership, and it’s worth it. Go get one.”

Another person was not as empathetic, as they wrote: “There’s rules for a reason, lol.”

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The TikTok video by Temo got nearly 240k likes, with numerous messages of support. Many not only shared the experience but described it as “literally the most embarrassing thing ever.”

One TikTok user asked, “Don’t they have a guest part of the membership? So technically, they wouldn’t be upholding their end of the membership??” Someone cleared up, answering, “They have a thing where you give the second card to a specific person. Their name and pic is on it. I think they check more when it’s 120$ membership.”

Another was annoyed, “Just get a Membership and stop holding up the line. Trust the cashiers hate you.”

Costco is the nation’s third-largest food retailer and has around 67 million members. The company receives $4.2 billion from the membership, which is how it beats the competition in the price department.

With this business model, it is no surprise that Costco wants every family member to have their own card.

Do you think that the young woman was in the wrong by trying to use her mom’s Costco card?

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