Bride & Groom Request $360 from Guests to Attend the Wedding, PLUS Free Labor to Help Them Set Up the Decorations

The subreddit bridezilla had an interesting topic. Someone shared that a couple wants guests to pay $360 to attend the wedding, plus free labor to help them set up the decorations.
Further, the bride and groom requested “no one (especially women) [being] allowed to wear overpowering scents” because the bride didn’t want them competing with the flowers.

Reddit users had a field day, with many suggesting they only respect the part about strong fragrances.

Several Reddit users said they also did not want potent scents, with one writing, “I requested no strong perfumes at my wedding, but that was because I have asthma and terrible allergies.”

Another wondered, “How strong would someone have to wear their perfume for it to compete with flowers?”

Though scent requests resonated with many, the rest baffled Reddit posters.

One person said, “No floral colors,” so just black and gray outfits are allowed?”

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Someone joked, “The women should all wear white.”

A third person pointed out, “There are black and grey flowers. There are flowers in literally every freaking color! So I genuinely have no idea what floral colors mean.”

People wanted to know what the couple’s definition of floral colors meant.

Then the Reddit posters started questioning who would pay $360 only to attend a wedding. Furthermore, they wanted to know who would pay and still do the manual labor.

Some suggested, “Imagine thinking people want to attend your wedding so badly that they’ll pay to attend.”

Another person strongly suggested that the couple was creating their dream wedding: “They’re not running for political office. Why throw a fundraiser? Oh, that’s right, they can’t afford ‘Our Dream Wedding,’ and think everyone will share their ‘Vision.'”

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Some Reddit users got angry, as a person wrote, “If you can’t pay for your own wedding or organize your set up help, you should elope.”

A woman commented writing, “This is delusional.”

And this woman did the math: “For 720 bucks (price for me and bf to attend), we could actually hold a small wedding. I have plenty of nicer dresses, and he’s got a suit, we go down to the courthouse and have a nice dinner for both our families.”

Many called the couple “entitled” and agreed with this poster’s thoughts, “I’m not paying to attend any wedding. That’s what the gift is for. I also will not be doing any work to attend a wedding if it’s not for my kid.”

Where do you draw a line for bridezillas and groomzillas?

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