Sleep Like a Soldier: This Amazing 2-Minute Technique Will Knock You Out

Getting enough sleep is essential for your health, and numerous types of research proved that sleeping five to six hours per night makes you less productive and concentrated.

If you have trouble falling asleep, perhaps this military technique is precisely what you need. The number of people who have insomnia is quite large, so even if you are not among them, you sure know someone who needs to know about this technique.

There is a way to fall asleep almost instantly or, more accurately, in two minutes.

The technique was first described in the book “Relax and Win: Championship Performance” by Lloyd Bud Winter, published in 1981.

But it was only when Justin Agustin, a fitness coach, shared a TikTok video that went viral that people started to understand the benefits of this sleeping technique. The video has over seven million views.

It should be noted that 96 percent of all people who practiced this technique for six weeks found changes in their sleeping patterns.

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Here is How to Do The Military Sleep Technique

The first part is about relaxing your physical body. Relax all the muscles of your face, from your jaw to the area around and inside your mouth and all the way to your eyes and forehead.

Drop your shoulders as far as you can, and then lower and upper arms, one side after another.

Breathe while relaxing your chest, and work your way down to your thighs and all the way to your feet.

Now you can do a mental clearance, which will take less than one minute.

First, imagine being in a canoe with nothing but a clear, blue sky beating down on you for 10 seconds.

Now imagine lying in a dark room in a velvet hammock.

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Finally, repeat to yourself, ‘don’t think, don’t think, don’t think,’ to yourself for 10 seconds.

Sleeping changes with age, but a good rest of seven to eight hours will keep you fresh and rejuvenated, NHS suggested.

While there is no scientific proof this nighttime meditation works, it cannot hurt to try it, especially if you are experiencing sleeping disturbances.

According to comments on Justin Agustin’s video on social media, this might be just the perfect introduction to a restful night’s sleep. Many pointed out that this sleeping method is similar to progressive muscle relaxation and yoga.

The Navy developed the technique to help pilots, and soon, it became vital in US Army. 

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