“He calls it his property”: Husband Wants To Charge Wife 30% Of Her Salary For Working From Home and Using Their House

Working from home comes with several benefits, including cutting transport costs. But, in the case of one woman, it came with a husband’s demand to give up 30 percent of her salary since she turned one room into her home office.

The confused woman opened up about her troubles on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A…Hole) thread.

She wrote:

“My husband bought the house we live in before we got together. He calls it his property which’s fine by me.”

She said the house has two rooms, and she turned an empty into her office.

Things went well until her husband told her she needed to pay for the space she had used in their home.

The husband claimed he “provided” her an office, and that’s why he was “expecting [a] 30% profit.”

Needless to say, the wife was speechless and had to ask for advice from the Reddit community.

In her post, the wife explained that she “called him unreasonable, which led to a blowup.”
The woman said she yelled, telling her husband, “he won’t get a penny, and he pitched a fit and accused me of ‘taking full advantage’ even though there’s no mortgage to be paid.”

She added they split the bill, but she does all the house chores.

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Somehow, their whole family got involved in the matter. The mother-in-law took her son’s side:

“His mom thinks I’m being difficult and that 30% is not a huge amount, and that this room is providing ‘stability’ for my [work-from-home office], so my husband should get some sort of benefits.”

Despite the woman’s hesitation, the Reddit community assured her that she was not the a…hole, as the thread title suggested.

The highlighted reply said:

“Time to immediately stop paying bills and doing all the housework. Move into your office.” The Reddit user added, “If he wants to treat you like a tenant, act like one. Do not combine your money with his. Pay him the going rate of a tenancy. Start looking for a new place to live because this marriage is over. It’s just a financial agreement to him.”

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Another noticed many red flags, adding, “I would be out of the marriage if it were me. That’s an extremely toxic way of thinking he has. You two are supposed to be partners who support each other and have each other’s backs.”

Many agreed that the husband sounds “unhinged” while his mother is a “piece of work.”
Others pointed out that the husband appears to be “controlling,” which is “creepy” in its own way. One Reddit user wondered, “What does he need/want the money for?”

Another highlighted comment was more passive-aggressive: “Keep doing the chores and bill him the same amount he would charge you for the office.”

Numerous people agreed that the wife should “Get your financial ducks in a row (get copies of every financial document you can think of), keep all your decisions to yourself, and move out of his house as fast as you can.” The same poster added: “Start interviewing divorce lawyers who specialize in high-conflict divorce and be specific about the financial abuse. Document it all!”

What do you think about this family conflict?

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