She Gets Furious as Her Daughter’s Daycare Made Her Nap with Other Children Instead of on Her ‘Specific’ Schedule – ‘Did I go too far here?’

A working mom took to Reddit’s AITA to find out if she was overstepping by insisting the daycare stick to her daughter’s napping schedule.

In the post, “Emma’s” mom says it is “important for her health and happiness to have a consistent routine.”

The mom noticed her daughter’s “nap schedule was being disrupted.” Initially, she did not know why, but then she met the daycare director and learned that the staff “make all the children nap at the same time, regardless of their individual needs.”

The mother said she was furious, the director claimed she was “overreacting,” and the staff was angry with her.

She concluded: “Now the daycare staff are expecting an apology. Did I go too far here?”

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The Reddit community was mostly on the side of the daycare, with the most upvoted answer telling the woman, “Most daycares do not cater to each child’s personal nap routine.”

Some went as far as telling the mother to “pay for a nanny or babysitter” if she wants special attention.

Other commentators went as far as making fun of the mom. One person wrote, “In a few years, mom is going to came back with “AITA for being mad at the school for not having lunch when I told them to, Emma needs to eat at a specific time.”

A childcare provider confirmed that the mother was in the wrong. They wrote, ” We have the same nap schedule every day, and I am very upfront with my parents on what that schedule is. If they don’t like my schedule, they are welcome to take their child elsewhere.”

Numerous comments called out the mother for being “entitled” and reminded her, “toddler rooms cannot have multiple nap times.”

Another Reddit poster wrote, “Your child’s future isn’t going to be ruined because of a different nap schedule. As long as they get the proper amount of sleep, they’ll be fine.”

Do you believe the mother overstepped boundaries? Or do you think it was her right to ask for a specific nap time for her daughter?

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