“I know I’m evil, but they’re SO loud”: Woman Calls For An “Adults Only” Suburb To Enjoy “Peace and Quiet”

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for calling for an “adults only” suburb so the adults can enjoy “peace and quiet.”

Kitch Catterall has had enough and spoke up after an incident in a swimming pool in Melbourne. She said she is “so sick” of “screaming children” around her.

Catterall expressed her reasoning in a video, saying: “I would like to know when somebody is planning on opening an adult-only suburb, where everything in it is only for adults,” she said. “Because I am so sick of going places, and kids are just everywhere screaming, and I just have to put up with it,” Catterall added.

The woman who lives in Melbourne, Australia, and goes by the handle @soybabie__ on TikTok had just gone for a swim at a public pool. Although there was a section for children, she found a bunch of them splashing around in the lap lane pool where she was trying to enjoy a good workout.

To make matters worse, the kids were not swimming or occupying one line as she was trying to do. Instead, they jumped into the lanes constantly while screaming at the top of their lungs.

Catterall said: “That is just allowed because they are allowed everywhere. I just feel like for people like me that are evil and hate kids, we should have our own suburb where we can just be quiet and undisturbed.”

After an initial, furious reaction, Catterall merely wrote in the comment how she wanted “a calm swim in the evening.” Instead, she got “splashed at and jumped on.”

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The video has over 3k comments and nearly 300k views and counting. The caption, “I know I’m evil, but they’re SO loud. Please, I want peace and quiet. Are there adults-only pools in Melbourne?” certainly attracted both positive and negative attention.

Comment sections quickly became a mess.

Surprisingly, even some moms liked this idea, as one wrote, After getting my three boys ready for school this morning, I totally feel this.”

Another chimed in: “Child-free pools, restaurants, movies, and planes would be amazing – from a mom.”

The third comment said, “I love kids and still love this idea and would move there.”

Another person shared their dreams, “I want a kids-free Disney World day, is that too much to ask?”

Others were not as sympathetic, with one person reminding the original poster they were once a child too. They wrote: “You act like you didn’t swim in the lap pool as a kid or scream.”

The original poster replied, “I didn’t swim in the lap pool unless I did laps because my parents actually parented me.”

Another person wrote, “I’ll also be a corpse at some point doesn’t mean I want to go places full of them either.”:

@soybabie__ I know im evil but theyre SO loud please i want peace and quiet are there adults only pools in melbourne?? #fyp #kidfree #childfree ♬ original sound – Baby Soja

Someone even wanted to send the woman far away, saying, “Go live in Antarctica.”

There are those who informed Catteral there are similar places called retirement villages.

The woman joked and wrote, “I wish they’d let me move in already.”

It appears that Kitch, a self-proclaimed “fed-up young woman,” will have to wait for a while. Luckily, she has a dog to keep her busy while she gets to a retirement village.

Are you team Kitch, team kids everywhere, or somewhere in between?

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