“Playing with lives for likes”: Viral Video of Woman Feeding Homeless Sparks Controversy Over Staging and Food Waste

Facebook page shared a video with the caption, “Kindhearted woman feeds hundreds out of her truck bed!” However, internet users are having none of it, with the vast majority calling it staged.

The viral video was posted on the page “Fast, Funny & Funfas.” It shows a woman making giant ramen noodles in the back of her Ford pickup.

She adds “secret family recipe,” spices, butter, etc. Then, she puts on garbage bags on her feet, walks to her car, and enters the back of her car.

With those plastic bags already contaminated, she starts mixing the ingredients.

The man filming asks, “We can drive with it in there?” The woman replied, “Haven’t you heard of the food truck?”

In the car, she tells him, “This park tends to have a lot of homeless people.”

They see a man and walk up to him. The man filming asks him if he is hungry.

The guy, most likely playing a homeless person, asks if they have 20 bucks, but the duo filming says no, and they offer him noodles. He scoops up two plates.

The two give the “homeless” man 20 dollars, and he is beaming with happiness.

The page’s description reads, “Please be advised this page includes scripted videos for your entertainment.”

However, it went viral before anyone even noticed it, and comments on Reddit and Twitter spared no one.

One Twitter user wrote, “There are not enough people mad about how much food she just wasted.” Another shared, “Calling yourself kindhearted while wasting a bunch of food and staging an interaction with a fake homeless person is NASTY work.”

The person shared, “If you wouldn’t eat noodles out the back of a truck, why do you think someone experiencing homelessness would? Even our unhoused deserve dignity & respect. Playing with lives for likes.”

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On Reddit, a poster wrote, “It’s vaguely exploitive when it’s real. This is a selfish act that wouldn’t even be funny if they were shooting for satire.”

Another said, “Imagine wanting views and attention so badly that you make this video? What pathetic humans.”

Others were upset about the food waste, “they’ve definitely wasted all of this food when they could have just donated the packets. Also very confused about how melted butter in instant ramen is a family recipe?”

More posters wrote, “They could have literally donated those Noodles packets without opening them. Wasting so much food just to make a fake savior video!”

One person asked, “Do people actually think this is real?”

The video creators did not confirm or deny the authenticity of the video. But the internet users are reasonably certain it was all for clicks.

What do you think of this? Do you agree this was “an extremely lame thing to stage?” Could it be that this video is an excellent reminder to be kind to the less fortunate despite not being authentic?

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