Bouncer Catches Evil Man Putting Drugs in Young Woman’s Drink and Takes Matters into His Own Hands

A bouncer revealed how he caught a guy who was using illegal substances to make young women his prey.

Writing on Reddit, the bouncer revealed that numerous college women would get “roof’d.”

He explained they would leave drinks unattended, take drinks from strangers or “leave it with the ‘friend zoned party dude’ who took things a little personally.”

The man did not care about how the girls ended up drugged up. He was angry because it was happening too often and even called it “an epidemic.”

The bouncer took matters into his own hands. He was “not wearing a security shirt so as not to be noticed.” When he found the nasty man, he took him to a back alley behind the club near the college and told him he had drugs.

As soon as the man started moving, the bouncer “promptly face-slammed his head into a wall and knocked him out in the alley.”

He took away his “pill bottle” and left him there, knowing that the police would soon find him.

Once the bouncer returned to work, he made sure that the spiked drink was thrown away, put on his uniform, and continued as if nothing had happened.

Many people were in awe of the bouncer’s actions, with one person writing, “You, sir, are a true gentleman and a scholar. I applaud you.”

Others reminded women not to leave their drinks.

Though this is a worldwide spread issue, many cases remain unreported. However, in January 2022, drink-spiking is at “epidemic” levels in the UK.

YouGov research shows that one in nine women (11%) has been a drink-spiking victim. Victims are not always women, though they are at least twice as likely to become victims of predators in the UK.

In the US, around eight percent of college students reported their drinks were spiked at some point. The topic was revisited near the end of last year when Good Morning America did a segment on bars and spiked drinks.

In Australia, four out of five victims are women, and over half of all victims are under 24. In 2022, drink spiking was at its highest level in five years.

Source: Reddit

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