Now We Know Why Escalators Have Brushes On The Side – (And It’s Not For Cleaning Your Shoes)

There are strange brushes made of black nylon on almost all escalators, but not many know their purpose.

The brushes on the side of the escalators are not there for cleaning purposes. Instead, they serve as safety measures to prevent accidents.

A TikTok account, whose handle is Untold Facts, revealed the mysterious reasons why we need these safety brushes.

The safety brushes are placed so your shoes or clothes would not get caught between the moving stairs and the balustrade skirt.

Getting stuck in a moving escalator is as scary as one might imagine. Without safety brushes, this would happen way too often. And though these brisks don’t do much physically, they act as your protector on a different level.

When passengers feel a brush moving against their leg or clothing, they instinctively move and prevent the item from getting caught on the escalator.

On TikTok, Untold Facts wrote, “One of the biggest reasons for escalator mishaps is people getting their clothes and bags stuck in them when they stand too close to the sides.”

Many were surprised to learn about this, as one wrote, “I got my floor-length dress caught in an escalator, and it left oil/grease stains on it that I could never remove.”

A person shared a childhood memory, writing, “My mum said if I touch the bristles on the escalator, I would get stuck there and takes to the goblins if I was naught.”

“Only recently, my hubby helped a lady who got her skirt stuck on the escalator,” another added.

Someone joked, writing, “I sometimes brush my teeth with the escalators, but only if I’m in a hurry.”

This TikToke user was quite honest, “Escalators scare the s**t out of me to this day.

Another shared their fear: “My kids laugh at me because I take the stairs to this day!”

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It was only in 2004 that skirt deflectors were made obligatory.

The space between the stairs and one side of an escalator is known as the “skirt.” A yellow border next to the edges of the escalators without bristles is a warning not to approach too closely.
However, without the bristles, this would not be nearly as effective in preventing accidents.

Per British and European standard BS EN115-1:1995, the requirement of fitting the “escalator brushes” reduces the likelihood of getting stuck by decreasing the possibility of items entering the gap between the steps and skirt by obstruction.

It also keeps loose clothes away from danger by reducing the possibility of entrapment.

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