Son Tells His Mom To ‘Get A Job’ Since He Moved Back Home and She is Spending Too Much, While The Family Is Struggling With Finances

A college student who returned home turned to Reddit’s AITA thread for help because, as he said: “I told my mom that she needs to get a job to cover her spending, even though I’m staying at her and my dads house for free.”

The son returned home since “The college I was going to didn’t have the major I wanted to switch, but the college here does.”

He also wanted to pay off student loans, and due to his recent surgery, and troubles with his car, he needed a clean slate.

The young man’s sister also came home recently, and both children are not paying rent or utilities.

The father of the original poster is a mechanical engineer with a good salary. However, he has been working overtime and shared that the wife’s spending has become a “burden.”

One evening, the family was watching TV when the mom said she had just placed an Amazon order. The father asked, “What did you spend almost $350 on after just spending $400 at Target?”

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While the mother claimed she found stuff on sale for the whole family, the father said he needed the money to help with his son’s vehicle.

Though the son wanted to help out, his father said they agreed that he would cover the car expenses.

The parents continued arguing when the original poster told his mom: “Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if you got off you’re a- and got a job yourself and used your own money.”

“There is no need for us to have all this random sh-t, no house needs 3 air fryers, 2 pressure cookers, 5 blenders, and 75 coffee mugs”.

The mother stopped talking to the son after his outburst. However, his godmother called him to tell him that he should not speak to his mother in that manner.

The Reddit community did not judge man harshly. In fact, most think that all sides involved were in the wrong.

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One wrote, “Your parents are in a toxic relationship that they are both equally responsible for perpetuating. I truly sympathize, and I agree with your assessment that your mother is … [the problem].”

However, they added, “the way you lost your temper is out of line and frankly not constructive.”

Another chimed in, “Your sentiment was valid. Your delivery needed work. Your dad is an enabler, and your mom is either a shopping addict, hoarder, or both, she could definitely benefit from therapy.”

One Reddit user had words of wisdom, “Since all you can control is you, mind your own business, get a job, fix your own car, and pay for your own stuff.”

Some defended the mother, as a Redditor wrote, “You didn’t read how Mom supported the family for years while Dad went to school. Or how she worked and many as much as Dad for years but recently decided not to work anymore.”

Do you agree with Reddit users that there are issues with each member of this family?

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