“I Have Big Plans For My Wife’s Inheritance”: Husband Wonders If It Would Be Ok To Spend His Wife’s Inheritance Secretly

A man shared his big dilemma on social media: should he spend his wife’s inheritance behind her back?

The husband shared how his wife “unexpectedly inherited a large sum of money from an elderly lady for whom she used to work as a housekeeper.

He mentioned that his wife was grieving and shared that he had big plans for his wife’s inheritance.

The man said that the wife already had plans “to do something in the elderly lady[‘s] memory and also donate some of it to some worthy causes which the elderly lady supported.”

But he disagreed so the two had an argument. The wife was even “threatening me that she won’t join bank accounts with me anymore and won’t give me access to her inheritance.”

The man concluded, “my wife is not thinking clearly at the moment, and I am considering investing it before it’s too late.”

He also posted two updates. The first one said, “I do agree that spending my wife’s inheritance without her permission is not the right thing to do. While I am entitled to half of it, I am not to all of it.”

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He then said he was considering discussing the matter with his lawyer, and “if my wife doesn’t consider at least giving me half of the inheritance, I will take legal actions behind her back.”

The second update simply said the man would not be answering to private messages since the Reddit users “can’t behave.”

As for the responses, Twitter and Reddit users were quite clear on where they stand. One woman told him, “You are not entitled to half of it, and if you use legal means to attempt (and fail) to get your mitts in it, then you will have torpedoed your marriage.”

Another Reddit user said, “I hope your wife puts it in an account you can’t touch.”

Some tried to figure out the man’s “mindset” by asking, “If someone gifted his wife a package of tampons, is he also entitled to half of that?”

On Twitter, the man received a score of 98,9% for being in the wrong out of four given options.

As for other comments, some were hilarious, “I would bet my own hard-earned money his idea of “investing” is some sort of pyramid scheme.”

Other Reddit users were in disbelief, “I’m seriously hoping this guy is trolling. If not, he needs some help.”

Another person echoed this opinion, writing, “It’s fake, it has to be fake. This is so outrageous it has to be fake. This man has incredible issues.”

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And some truly tried to help the husband understand, like this person saying, “It’s not your money, and while she might want your consideration, you don’t get to override her wishes because you assume your ideas are better.”

Others gave advice to the wife, “Your wife needs to consult her lawyers and divorce you as soon as possible. “

No further updates were made, so no one knows what the husband did. One statement stood out, summing up the situation, “It doesn’t matter what you think about the money. It isn’t yours, and it wasn’t left to you.”

Do you agree with this? Or should the husband talk to the lawyers first?

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