Woman Steals Her Roommate’s Belongings and Tries to Blame It on Others, but She Finds Out and Burns Her Clothes

Sharing an apartment is challenging, but some roommates are worse than others.

Usually, you have to get used to compromising on little things, like where to keep your tea and coffee or deal with loud music. However, one Reddit user had quite an experience with a former roommate, and they had to fight to find proper revenge.

The person wrote on Reddit how they lived with a friend and another girl they did not know too well. After a car accident, the original poster went home, but after they returned, “most of my stuff was missing.”

The girl told the now furious original poster how the friend “had a few people over and that maybe they had taken the stuff.”

Soon, the poster found that the girl took away all their possessions and found “half my closet and hid it in her room, including my CDs, old antique perfume bottles my grandma had given me…down to socks and bras.”

The “livid” poster packed all their things from the girl’s room. In a fit of rage, they “then went back with some black garbage bags and took all of her clothes she had hanging up and anything else I could find. Took it all to BFE and lit it on fire.”

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The girl called the original poster “frantic” and “said she was missing all her stuff, and I told her the people that took my stuff must have taken hers too.”

Once the roommate realized the poster was behind this incident, “she threatened me and told me she was going to call the cops.”

The poster’s reply was, “go ahead!”

The Reddit posters liked this little revenge, as one pointed out, “You had me at socks and bras. Her behavior, in general, is disgusting.”

For another Reddit user, grandma’s heirloom ticked them off the most.

Another chimed in: “I guess you know the difference between justice and punishment. This is a punishment she so rightly deserved.”

Many said they would not want to mess with the original poster.

However, not everyone agreed, as one Reddit poster said, “Burning all her clothes seems a bit… excessive.”

Another suggested the girl could have been a “kleptomaniac.”

What do you think? Was this an overreaction or a good way of dealing with a roommate who stole from the original poster?

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