Woman Reveals How to Check Your Uber Rating: People Are Shocked at the Number of One-Star Ratings Given by Drivers

While most people prefer to get an Uber ride with someone with a high rating, the same goes for Uber drivers.

Most people pay little or no attention to their ratings, and it was only thanks to a viral TikTok that people learned how to check their ratings.

A TikTok content creator @emmatainment with over 180k followers shared how to check your Uber marks and left people horrified.

Emma’s first Uber-related video surpassed 2.2 million views and gathered over 7k comments.

In the clip, she explains how to check your Uber ratings. You go to privacy settings, where you will click on a button to find how your last 500 rides went.

But before you try this, remember that Uber drivers can be as cruel as the riders.

The video’s caption, “I wish I never found this setting,” pretty much described how many felt after checking their ratings.

@emmatainment I wish I never found this setting #uber #uberratings ♬ original sound – Emmatainment

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One comment said, “I have 2 (1) star reviews. All I do is sit there?”

Another got emotional, “I only have 1, but it’s eating me alive. What did I do??? I never make them wait, and I just sit quietly.”

Someone joked, “I want to take back the tips from all my 4 star and below.”

A TikTok poster shared, “I HAVE 33 (1) STAR! Like I hardly even stare at them I wonder why I did…”

More people complained about their 1-star ratings, as this person said, “I have four 1-star reviews. Like, WHAT WAS THE REASON?! I literally just sit back and mind my business.”

Another chimed in, “I have 119 5-star, one 4-star, and one 3-star ayyyy. But also, what did I even do?!”

If you think this could be a mistake, that’s not the case. If people constantly rate others with 1 star, the app will ban them.

Naturally, acting out in public is not something to aspire to, though it appears that those who drive for Uber are not fans of silent types.

Those with one star also tried to blame their friends, as this person wrote, “I feel like my friends have contributed to some of those 1 stars.”

And another confirmed, “I have one 1-star rating, and I know it’s the time my best friend puked in our Uber like six years ago.”

Others had different ideas, “I like the idea of using this to gauge people on first dates.”

Those with all 5 stars bragged on TikTok, “I have all 5 stars I don’t know how to act, this has made my life.”

So, what is your Uber score?

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