“Small hands” Trump heads to the Supreme Court

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“Trump Too Small” was a comment by Republican Marco Rubio back in 2016, but it is now in the hands of the Supreme Court over a trademark. The story behind the slogan In 2016, Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, complained, “He’s always calling me Little Marco. And I’ll admit he’s taller than me. He’s like … Read more

Republican resigns just a week in the office after offending women and Black people in social media post

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Executive director of North Dakota’s Republican Party (NDGOP), David Roetman, has resigned after a report exposed his social media history filled with questionable comments. Roetman’s resignation The party did not give an explanation for Roetman’s resignation, but after only days in the office and following a report by Inforum columnist Rob Port, it is not … Read more

“A vocabulary of 50 words:” Ann Coulter slams Trump while praising Obama as “the most articulate” President

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Conservative pundit praised President Obama, calling him one of the “most articulate presidents we’ve ever had,” while slamming the former president Trump over his vocabulary. Coulter on how Americans vote for presidents “One thing I’ve noticed about presidents is we tend to go back and forth; I mean, it’s like me going back and forth … Read more

“Political hacks and thugs:” Trump rages over January 6 committee, adds DeSantis was “vaxxing everything”

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Trump attacked the January 6 committee and repeated claims about “Deranged Jack Smith” while ranting on his social network, Truth Social. Trump claimed all evidence was destroyed The former president wrote, “The highly partisan January 6th Committee of political Hacks and Thugs has been found to have DELETED & DESTROYED all evidence and findings of … Read more

Black and Latinx people reportedly prioritized by San Francisco in a guaranteed income program for the trans community

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San Francisco’s Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) program reportedly prioritizes Black and Latinx people, causing outrage among the community. GIFT was launched in 2022 San Francisco’s mayor London Breed, announced last year that the program aims to provide 55 eligible residents with $1,200 per month for up to 18 months to “help address financial … Read more

Trump’s aides are working to “rig the system in their favor” to ensure his victory in the Republican primaries

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Trump’s strategists are reportedly pushing for new rules that would make it easier for the former president to win GOP primaries, Politico reported. The ominous words Trump campaign senior adviser Chris LaCivita told Politico, “He who controls the rules controls the process. You control the process, you win.” LaCivita added, “We’re basically guarding our flanks. … Read more

“Damaging and discriminatory:” Mississippi school district adopts “harmful” dress code policy targeting trans children

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The Harrison County School Board, Mississippi, adopted a dress code that mandates trans students to dress according to their birth gender. The trans girl missed graduation over clothing code A transgender girl, known as L.B. for safety reasons, was not allowed to wear a dress for her graduation and missed the event. L.B. said classmates … Read more