Caitlyn Jenner claims President Biden is “trying to destroy” women’s sports “by adding biological men”

Caitlyn Jenner repeated claims that President Biden is “trying to destroy” women’s sports over his proposal to expand the scope of Title IX’s protection.

Caitlyn Jenner first blasted Biden in April

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The long-time Republican and one of the most famous transgender people on the planet talked to Tomi Lahren and shared, “Joe Biden declared just weeks ago that he wants to change Title IX, which was set up back in the 1970s for fairness in women’s sports – primarily in the NCAA with scholarship programs, saying that if the men’s team get ten scholarships for soccer, the women’s team needs to get ten scholarships for soccer, which was fair.”

The former Olympic champion continued

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Jenner said, “It went through, it is the law. And it raised women’s sports. Not only from the scholarship standpoint and getting a great education but also women’s sports came up – it was such a good thing,”

Biden wants to destroy women

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Jenner, who gained international popularity in 1976 after winning gold in the Olympics, further stated, “Now, Joe Biden wants to destroy women – wants to destroy women’s sports by using this radical gender ideology by saying it’s just how you identify, it’s not your DNA. It is just how you identify to play women’s sports. It is wrong, it cannot go through.”

Jenner repeated her claims

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In a new interview with OutKick’s Charly Arnolt, Jenner continued attacking the President for trying to include transgender women in women’s sports.

Jenner recounted

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She said, “Joe Biden is trying to destroy, right now, women’s sports by adding biological men, trans women, into Title IX. It’s so wrong.”

Navratilova blasted Jenner 

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Tennis legend Marina Navratilova, nine-time Wimbledon champion, first called out Jenner on Twitter, “A natal male who cheated in sports going to speak to a natal male to talk about other natal males competing in natal female sports. Got it. I am sure Lance will fix it.”

Jenner fired back 

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Jenner fired back, “To be honest with you, she’s against trans women competing in women’s sports. I thought how hypocritical of her to come out and kind of bash me and say I have no credibility on this subject.”

Jenner went further

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Talking to Outkick, Jenner added, “When this came out with Martina Navratilova, I said, ‘I’m not going to let her get away with this.’ She’s so hypocritical in what she’s doing that it needs to be brought forward.”

Calling Navratilova a “big liberal” 

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Jenner also claimed that she believes Navratilova despite being “a big liberal.”

It got political 

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The former reality star added, “She’s supporting all the candidates that are trying to destroy women’s sports. She’s supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

U.S. Department of Education postponed the release of Title IX rules to October 2023

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The Title IX gender identity and athletics rule would implement a new test for schools that wish to limit student participation in athletics based on gender identity.

The aim of the new rule 

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The new rules should “strengthen protections for students who experience sexual harassment and assault at school, and they would help protect LGBTQI+ students from discrimination.”

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