“A vocabulary of 50 words:” Ann Coulter slams Trump while praising Obama as “the most articulate” President

Conservative pundit praised President Obama, calling him one of the “most articulate presidents we’ve ever had,” while slamming the former president Trump over his vocabulary.

Coulter on how Americans vote for presidents

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“One thing I’ve noticed about presidents is we tend to go back and forth; I mean, it’s like me going back and forth on boyfriends, the smart, ugly one and the good-looking, stupid one,” Coulter said to the PBD Podcast with host Patrick Bet-David.

Back and forth

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The conservative journalist and author added, “And you just keep going back and forth, back and forth… And the voters similarly seem to go back and forth between highly articulate presidents and marbles in their mouth presidents.”

From Reagan to Trump

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Coulter elaborated, “So [Ronald] Reagan: Unbelievably articulate. I mean, it drove Democrats crazy, and oh, Hollywood, Hollywood. And then we get marbles in his mouth, George Bush one. Then we get Mr. Smooth, Bill Clinton, and oh, melts in your mouth. And then we go from there to other marbles in your mouth, Bush to, oh my gosh, the most articulate president we’ve probably ever had, Barack Obama, to Trump, who has a vocabulary of about 50 words.”

Coulter on DeSantis

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Coulter previously predicted DeSantis would be a significant success but realized he’s “not a showman on the debate stage.” Still, she continued, “George Floyd, May 25th, 2020, changed the world.”

Praising DeSantis

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Coulter said, “Suddenly, we have to release all the criminals, among other things.… One place you would have been safe in 2020 was in Florida. Thank you, Ron DeSantis, [for] passing law after law where you can shoot looters, anti-rioting laws.”

She backed DeSantis’ Covid policies

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DeSantis is “head and shoulders above every other GOP presidential candidate (or politician) on the three most important issues: immigration, crime, and the COVID response,” Coulter told the New York Times.

Trump went all caps

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The conservative pundit called out Trump again, stating, “What did Trump do? He sent out tweets in all caps, LAW AND ORDER,” she continued. “You know what he said in the first debate with [President] Joe Biden? … ‘You called them super-predators, I’m releasing people from prison.’… He’s releasing criminals. You want to feel safe? Donald Trump ain’t your guy.”

Coulter went from a supporter to Never Trump

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The journalist and lawyer wrote “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” in 2016, but the two went separate ways, so much so that Trump referred to Coulter as a “stone cold loser” and “unbearably crazy” in his Truth Social post.

Coulter fired back on X

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“Trump begged me to come to Bedminster this week, I said only if I could record a substack with him, but the GIGANTIC P**** is too afraid of me, so instead he did this,” Coulter wrote.

Gigantic baby

Former US President and 2024 presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks at Drake Enterprises, an automotive parts manufacturer and supplier, in Clinton, Michigan, on September 27, 2023. Both Trump and Biden are visiting Michigan this week, in what is their first major skirmish of a long fight for voters in working-class swing states ahead of the November 2024 election. Biden on September 26, 2023, became the first sitting president to stand on a picket line, supporting calls by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union for the Big Three Detroit carmakers to raise wages. And Trump is skipping a debate in California with his trailing Republican rivals on September 27 to head instead for a small, non-union car parts factory on the other side of Detroit. (Photo by Matthew Hatcher / AFP)
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Even more recently, Coulter called Trump a “gigantic baby” who “can barely speak English.” She also called out Trump over not finishing the Mexico wall. Trump called Coulter as a “wacky nut job.”

Coulter went after the host

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The host defended Trump, so the author told him, “You sound like a battered woman making excuses. ‘Well, maybe he won’t hit me next time,'” she said. “It’s been four years he’s been beating the crap out of you. He had four years, Patrick. Four years! Two with a Republican Congress.”

She was just warming up

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The conservative added, “‘Oh, I know, he could have not hit me; maybe he was waiting for our golden anniversary for him to stop hitting me. He was waiting for that perfect time.’ No, he had four years, he didn’t build [the wall],” she continued. “I don’t know what possible proof you could possibly want.”

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