Ron DeSantis losing votes due to “high profile issues” with women

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The Florida governor in the race for GOP’s presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, has one major problem – female voters. Unlike DeSantis, his most significant potential Republican opponent, Donald Trump, had more women supporters during the 2020 elections than in 2016. DeSantis vs. Trump While DeSantis did not say much, Trump continually attacked the Florida governor, … Read more

“Political sociopathic behavior:” Scaramucci says Trump “really wants to hurt people” and calls him a “grifter”

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Anthony Scaramucci, who briefly worked as Trump’s White House communications director, called the former president a “grifter” and threw several more insults during his NBC interview. Scaramucci talks about Sam Bankman-Fried Scaramucci talked about his connection to Sam Bankman-Fried, entrepreneur and the founder of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, charged with fraud. Influential friends Scaramucci, … Read more

“You. Are. Deranged:” Riley Gaines responds to a professor regarding trans athletes, “someone should check her search history.”

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Former University of Kentucky swimming champion Riley Gaines replied to professor Katja Thieme’s post on X that initially blasted the swimmer. The provocative post Journalism professor Dr. Katja Thieme came under fire after her post on X. The University of British Columbia professor shared a video featuring Gaines and added the caption, “Hey, want to … Read more

“He doesn’t care about anybody else:” Trump’s niece issues a chilling warning that he will “bring everybody down with him”

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Mary Trump, a psychologist and author, is promoting a romance novel with E. Jean Carroll and Jennifer Taub, and while at it, she gave insight into her uncle’s psyche. Mary Trump on Donald Trump’s decision to run for president for the third time Talking to MSNBC, the former president’s niece said, “We remain mired in … Read more

“Walking the plank:” Nancy Mace warns that the Republican party issues warnings over party’s strict abortion regulations

Crowd of people blocked the streets of the city during 5th day of protest against ruling that could lead to near total ban on abortions

Nancy Mace, a Republican lawmaker, warned that abortion restrictions might cost GOP votes from the independent voters and asked her party colleagues, “What are we doing?” Walking on the plank The South Carolina Republican talked to CNN’s Dana Bash, where she shared, “I think they’re walking the plank.” The comment was about moderate and independent … Read more

“Barely come to class:” Teachers criticize “Equitable Grading” saying that some students “gaming” the system

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Middle and high schools across the U.S. are discarding the traditional and switching to equitable grading. Though it comes with c certain benefits, many believe this system is setting up students for failure. What is equitable grading? Equitable grading eliminates the 100-point grade scale and does not penalize students for being late with their work … Read more

Huge backlash forces top universities to deny absurd allegations of “transgender toddler” project

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Top medical schools in North Carolina were accused of treating transgender toddlers in an “investigation” initially published by Education First Alliance. The accusations sparked fury and outrage online, prompting responses from all listed universities, Duke, The University of North Carolina, and East Carolina University. Universities were accused of treating “transgender toddlers” Education First Alliance said … Read more

“Unleash legal hell:” Texas lawyer and Republican nominee says he “will end Trump’s political career,” calls former president an “uncivilized animal”

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John Anthony Castro warned Trump he will unleash legal hell on him and said he will not rest until the former president is behind bars. The lawyer is a GOP longshot presidential hopeful The Texas lawyer and politician has long been a Trump critic, and now he wants to take him off the ballot. Castro’s … Read more

“Zip it and not say anything:” Weissmann claims Trump’s lawyer made a “rookie mistake,” and legal experts agree

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MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann, one of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s top deputies, discussed Trump’s third indictment and a “rookie” mistake the former president’s lawyer made. Trump’s attorney, John Lauro, on Fox News and Newsmax Lauro appeared on Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle” and Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” hours after the D.C. arraignment of his client. … Read more

“Deliberately pass unconstitutional laws:” Experts claim DeSantis costs the Sunshine State millions of taxpayers’ money

DeSantis is piling up legal fees, but Republican lawmakers allegedly approved an additional $16 million for the Governor to “be in a comfortable position to speak his mind, and we’re going to support him on those things.” DeSantis’ war on Disney is billed hourly Business Insider reported that DeSantis’ team spends nearly $1,300 per hour … Read more