Utah school board stunned by 11-year-old trans girl’s speech asking for “peace”

The school board in Cherry Creek School District, Utah, heard a stunning speech by an 11-year-old trans girl, whose words left the board members speechless.

The girl’s dad is fully supportive

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Jessie Sirivanchai, the father of 11-year-old Alison, addressed the board, saying, “I am here to address the board as the father of Alison.” The dad added, “If you’ve known her her whole life, you know this is who she’s always been.”

The dad made sure his child was heard

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The dad continued, “It has nothing to do with politics. It has nothing to do with being woke. It has nothing to do with any of this weird stuff. It’s just she wants to go to the school, and she looks like this,”

Alison talked to the board

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The 11-year-old started, “Hello, fathers, daughters, mothers, and everybody else who came here today with fear, anger, and confusion… three feelings that hurt inside badly. I came here not to fight but to make peace. How am I going to do that? I’m going to tell a story.”

The girl’s speech

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The girl said, “As far back as I can remember, I always chose dresses, makeup, wigs, and dolls. My first Halloween costume that I chose to do was a zombie vampire bride.” The girl asked, “So weird, right, who thinks of that?”

The first dress

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Alison responded, “Well, I did, and I remember the first dress I wore, it was a pretty white gown. When I wore it, it felt special, not like anything else. It was the best feeling,” the pre-teen said.

Felling magic

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Alison continued, “It felt like magic.” The girl continued talking about the first time her “loving mom curled my hair,” and she looked in the mirror; she wanted to cry because “I saw not the person I was supposed to be, but the person I am.”

Alison talks future

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The trans girl further shared that when she imagined herself growing up, “I see a woman dancing in a white dress.” She continued, “I just want the space and the acceptance to be me.”

Big applause

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After Alison told her story, the board members gave her a big applause, and some even stood up. The speech was caught on video and shared on X by Erin Reed of Erin in the Morning.

It started with a bathroom

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According to her father, the girl feels more comfortable using the girls’ bathroom at Fox Hollow Elementary. But, some parents opposed the idea.

The debate among State Board of Education members

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Two State Board of Education members, Natalie Cline and Christina Boggess, spoke against allowing trans students to use bathrooms that correlate with their gender identities.

Cline spoke up

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Cline expressed concerns: “This school’s non-policy policy forces girls who are not comfortable sharing their bathroom with boys to feel like they are somehow wrong or guilty for feeling this way.”

Equality Utah fired back

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Sue Robbins of Equality Utah’s transgender advisory council said, “IX with the current administration is deemed to support transgender youth in schools.” Watch Alison on X.

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