‘Vulgarity and violence:’ School district removes the Bible from elementary and middle school libraries

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Davis School District north of Salt Lake City removed the Bible from elementary and middle schools after parents complained about “vulgarity and violence.” Other titles were also removed 72,000-student Davis School District also removed other titles, including Sherman Alexie’s “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” and John Green’s “Looking for Alaska” after the … Read more

‘Raw exercise of overreaching power:’ Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice complains about new liberal majority

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Wisconsin has a new liberal majority following 15 years of Republican reign, and the Court is working on reducing the powers of the conservative chief, among other things that clearly do not sit well with the Republicans. Chief Justice Annette Ziegler against her colleagues Chief Justice Annette Ziegler complained about her liberal colleagues and accused … Read more

“Just wait till you hear what they do with the lettuce:” Burger King assistant manager arrested for serving customers fries from trash can “because she’s terrible”

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South Carolina assistant manager of Burger King was reportedly fired and charged over serving french fries straight out of the trash. The incident that started it all Two women were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct two days before the South Carolina assistant manager of Burger King was reported for allegedly tampering with food. After … Read more

Teacher punished for numerous reasons, including misgendered pupil, sues school for “religious discrimination”

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Joshua Sutcliffe, 33, is not allowed to work in an English school for at least two years after a series of alleged misconducts, including “misgendering” a student and sharing racist videos. Sutcliffe was a math teacher Former Oxford’s Cherwell School math teacher was found guilty of several misconduct violations, including expressing his views against gay … Read more

“No legitimate interest or justification:” Trans student forced to dress like a boy skips graduation

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A transgender girl from Mississippi was forced to miss her graduation ceremony after the judge decided she must comply with the school’s dress code. The dress code School officials told the 17-year-old transgender girl that she must follow the school’s dress code for male student graduates. The official statement The American Civil Liberties Union of … Read more

“I need your help getting on the ballot:” Kari Lake gets upsetting news in Arizona Senate Race

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GOP’s Kari Lake is trailing behind Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego, and according to the latest polls, the Democrat is four points ahead. Lake, Gallego, and Sinema The poll was conducted between three likely candidates, though it is unknown if independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema will run for reelection. Gallego announced his bid in January. The polls … Read more