Woman Wanted to Share Her Joy for Little Meaningless Things with Her Boyfriend, but He Was Tired of It and Shut Her Down

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A man turned to social media to talk about his girlfriend’s “joy for little meaningless things up to 5 times a day.” Posted in Reddit’s AITA thread, the man, 33, wrote that his girlfriend, 27, was “tiring.” He elaborated by saying they then went hiking, and the girlfriend “was obviously having the time of her … Read more

Man Left Devastated After He Discovers Girlfriend and Best Friend’s Secret Relationship After Breaking Up Suddenly

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A man has posted a heartbreaking story on the Relationship Advice subreddit, asking the internet for advice on what he should do after he found out his best friend had been dating his ex-girlfriend. His Girlfriend Suddenly Changed Her Mind About Wanting Kids, Despite Knowing He Always Wanted To Be A Father The OP (Original … Read more

Heartbroken Man Feels Like a Third Wheel in His Own Relationship Because His Girlfriend’s Best Friend Is in Love with Her

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A man has turned to the r/relationshipadvice subreddit to ask the internet what he should do concerning his girlfriend’s best friend…who is clearly in love with her. Everything Was Going Well…Until He Met Her Best Friend The man starts the story off by explaining that he and his girlfriend have been dating for 4 months, … Read more