Man Left Devastated After He Discovers Girlfriend and Best Friend’s Secret Relationship After Breaking Up Suddenly

A man has posted a heartbreaking story on the Relationship Advice subreddit, asking the internet for advice on what he should do after he found out his best friend had been dating his ex-girlfriend.

His Girlfriend Suddenly Changed Her Mind About Wanting Kids, Despite Knowing He Always Wanted To Be A Father

The OP (Original Poster) starts his story off by explaining that he and his now-ex-girlfriend, Cassie, had been together for 5 years. The two of them started dating in high school and stayed together throughout college before moving in together after graduation. 

The OP mentions that he has always been in love with Cassie, and that even though they are no longer together, he still think she’s amazing.

The story continues with the OP explaining that he and Cassie had started talking about marriage and possibly starting a family soon. Everything seemed to be going well, until – after a few months – the OP’s girlfriend told him that she didn’t want kids. 

“She didn’t just mean not now,” he wrote, “but not ever.” 

The OP mentioned that he always wanted to be a dad, especially since his own dad “sucked”. He said that this was something he wanted ever since he was a child.

Since his girlfriend couldn’t provide this very crucial dream of becoming a father, the OP decided to call it quits.

“When she finished talking I told her it was over,” he wrote, “She started crying and I was already crying, but”

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He Moves In With His Best Friend After Breaking Up With His GF, Suspecting Nothing At All

Cassie had apparently been thinking this way for a few years and the pandemic was the last straw in her deciding she didn’t want any children. The OP explained that though he was hurt, he wasn’t going to wait around for her to change her mind, especially if there was no guarantee that she ever would.

The story continues with the OP leaving his girlfriend and moving in with his best frined “Ryan”. 

“We’ve been friends forever, like we bonded over Pokemon cards at the playground kind of thing,” the OP wrote, “He’s basically my brother.”

The OP explains that he was in such a hurry to move out, that he only took a few of his items. Since he didn’t want to see his girlfriend to get the rest of his things, Ryan would go and get the rest of his things for him whenever he needed them.

“At least that’s what I thought he was doing.”

Then came around the OP’s and his ex-girlfriend’s would-be anniversary, which he describes as “really rough” for him. He told his bestfriend that he didn’t want to be alone on the heartaching day, and that he wanted to hang out with him and play video games.

According to the post, Ryan agreed but was “kind of distracted” and on his phone a lot as they hung out. After a couple hours, Ryan told the OP that something had “came up” and he had to go, leaving the OP there alone to deal with the day of his would-be anniversary alone.

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His Best Friend Comes Home From A Late Night Out, Acting Weird. Drops The Biggest Bombshell.

At around midnight, Ryan had finally come back from whatever was so important, but something was off about him. According to the OP, he was acting “weird”.

The OP decided to ask him what was up, as he thought that maybe something serious had happened.

Instead, Ryan sits the OP down and tells him that he’s moving out. He also drops the biggest bombshell on the OP: he had been dating Cassie for a few weeks now.

“He says they’re in love already and that she needs him more than I do, so he’s moving into the apartment with her and leaving me here alone to rot,” the OP wrote.

The OP explained that he dosen’t know how to process this and that he can’t decide which one has “broken him more”. 

To make matters worse, the OP messaged some of his other friends to tell them what happened, but they already knew. They also told him that it was “no big deal” because the OP was the one who broke up with Cassie in the first place.

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The OP asked other Redditors for advice on what he should do.

“Where do I even go from here? I can’t talk to my friends, my ex broke my heart, my best friend stomped on it, and the closest thing I have to family is gone because they were his family too. I’m lost and don’t know where else to turn.”

Luckily, the OP received a lot of support. Many were on his side and expressed their upset about what happened to him. 

One Redditor wrote, “I cannot imagine how hard this must be on you, but you are strong for telling us this. I hope you do find a place asap and leave all this stuff behind you. It’s okay to feel what you do but remember you deserve happiness and growth too.”

However, not everyone was on his side, with many expressing their confusion on why he was upset about his friend dating his ex if he broke it off with her to begin with.

“If you are the one who made the decision to break up with her, why are you upset if she is dating someone else?” one Redditor wrote.

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