Heartbroken Man Feels Like a Third Wheel in His Own Relationship Because His Girlfriend’s Best Friend Is in Love with Her

A man has turned to the r/relationshipadvice subreddit to ask the internet what he should do concerning his girlfriend’s best friend…who is clearly in love with her.

Everything Was Going Well…Until He Met Her Best Friend

The man starts the story off by explaining that he and his girlfriend have been dating for 4 months, and everything in their relationship has been going really well so far.

“except for one thing,” he wrote, “Her bff.”

According to the OP, his girlfriend’s best friend of 8 years is obviously in love with her, but he notes that his girlfriend refuses to see it.

His girlfriend’s best friend makes jokes about how “he will make her the happiest”, and that the two of them are obviously soulmates. The OP wrote that this initially didn’t bother him until his girlfriend started bringing her love-stricken friend on dates with them.

According to the OP’s girlfriend, her best friend was “feeling lonely” and he apparently has no friends, which the OP backs up.

“Seriously dude is 32 but I have never seen him with any friends.”

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Ex-Boyfriend Contacts Him. Warns Him About His Girlfriend’s “Friend”

The first fight the OP and his girlfriend had was when she asked him to take her ‘lonely’ friend with him one night when he decided to go out with friends.

“I drew a clear red line- not happening,” he wrote.

But things got even weirder.

A month into all of this, his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend decided to contact him via Facebook, asking him to be ‘careful’ with his girlfriend’s best friend. 

The OP admits that he initially wrote off the warning as something “a jealous ex would say”, but he ended up believing that his warning had some weight as his girlfriend’s best friend was crossing some serious boundaries. 

He would call his girlfriend regularly when she and the OP were out together, he always insisted on coming on dates with them and generally started making demands of her time.

This was happening so often, the OP started feeling like a third wheel in his own relationship.

The OP added that his girlfriend has never crossed any lines with her best friend, but he notices that she keeps enabling his behavior, refusing to “shut him down forcefully.”

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“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” – The Clash and Probably OP….

The OP is lost on what he should do as this “friend” is clearly taking up a lot of space in his relationship.

He thought about giving his girlfriend an ultimatum between him and her friend. But he let the idea go as there is a difference in the weight and value of their relationship.

“Ours is a 4-month-old relationship and they go back 8 years, there’s no point in giving an ultimatum.”

The OP admits that he is brokenhearted as he feels the only way to escape an inevitable heartbreak is to just break things off with his girlfriend. However, he’s reluctant to do so because “she is an awesome gf”, despite everything that’s been going on.

He asked other Redditors what he should do and they had quite a lot to say.

“The issue is with both of them. The BFF’s obsessive clinginess and her stringing him along and not setting healthy boundaries. They need to both work on themselves…” one Redditor wrote.

Another person said, “She gets off on the tension. She knows exactly what she’s doing when she invites her asinine bff on her dates.”

An update posted by the OP confirms that he decided to leave his girlfriend as he has “already talked to her 5 times with nothing to show for it.”

“Good on you you did the right thing,” a Redditor responded.

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