His Relationship with Best Friend Is Threatened Because of a Video He Posted of His Girlfriend with Her Consent

A man with his hands tied goes to the r/relationshipadvice subreddit to ask what he should do after his relationship with his best friend gets put on the line for a video he posted of his girlfriend.

He cuts straight to the chase, explaining that his best friend has been dating this girl for two years now. The only problem is… the OP can’t stand her.

“Ngl, she’s the worst,” he wrote, “but she makes my friend happy.”

The post continues with the OP (Original Poster) explaining that he’s a content creator. He creates videos where he invites people to dive into various discussion topics. He stresses that he wants to make it clear that his best friend’s girlfriend kept asking him to be featured in one of his videos.

But before they do any recording, he makes sure she knows and understand that whatever she says can and will be used in the video at her discretion, which he literally has contract papers stating within the clause.

Because he knows the girl personally, he lets her watch the final video, edited and all, to make sure she liked it. She gave him the thumbs up to post it and so he did.

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The Video Ended Up Receiving A Lot Of Heat

However, the kind of attention the video got wasn’t all good. 

“It was fine for a while, until the comments came.”

Not only were the comments rolling in hot and coming at the girl, but other channels were doing reactions and commentary on the video.

“It wasn’t pretty,” he wrote, “ There was a lot of negativity.”

The OP decided to sit her down and ask her what she wanted to do. But what she proposed was not what he expected.

“She wanted me to make a video about how everything she said was planned & fake…that messes with my brand,” he wrote.

He doesn’t want people to think his content is fake, or that he just hires people to act a certain way or say a certain thing. 

Even worse, his best friend’s girlfriend is starting to think he edited the footage in such a way that specifically made her look bad, even though she was the one who told him it was fine in the first place!

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The GF Threatens OP. Be Viewed As A Phony or Make A Video Claiming Everything She Said Was “Fake”

When the OP told her he couldn’t meet her demands to post a fake follow-up video, she allegedly “lost it”.

She then threatened the OP, telling him that he better post the fake follow-up or lose his best friend forever. And surprisingly, his best friend agrees with her!

“He’s been my best friend for all my life,” he wrote, “But these videos are something I put my heart and effort into.”

He asked other Redditors what he should do. Keep the friendship or ruin the craft he put a lot of time, effort, and money into.

Here’s what a few Redditors had to say:

“Show your friend the unedited version. Would eliminate the sabotage argument. In the end, very likely not matter how right you are the friend is going to back their SO. 🤷‍♂️. Sometimes cut your losses. Don’t fall into the sunken cost fallacy.”

“Unless she’s a celebrity or well known why would anyone watch lol”

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