Trump’s Lawyer Reveals “Melania Defense” in Hush Money Probe

George Stephanopoulos’ guest on Good Morning America was Joseph Tacopina, Donald Trump’s lawyer. The lawyer discussed the hush money probe, and the two gave some fascinating insight into the lawsuit.

The case involves a $130,000 payment made to adult star Stormy Daniels days before the 2016 elections. But, Tacopina argued that Trump only made the payment to avoid public humiliation.

The Melania Defense

On ABC’s Good Morning America, Tacopina said about the payment, “He made this with personal funds to prevent something coming out [that was] false but embarrassing to himself, his family, his young son.”

Previously, similar claims were made, with Trump’s legal advisers adding that the former president was also paying alleged hush money to save his marriage.

The host asked Tacopina if Trump plans to go in front of the grand jury, but the lawyer said that no plans had been made.

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Stephanopoulos Had To Remind Tacopina That The Case Was Very Well Known

Tacopina added that the prosecutors made it a mission to find something against Trump, then pointed out, “I don’t know since when we’ve decided to start prosecuting extortion victims.”

He added that Trump denied the affair, saying, “He’s vehemently denied this affair, but he had to pay money because there was going to be an allegation that was going to be publicly embarrassing, regardless of the campaign.”

Tacopina also pointed out that the money Trump used was from his private accounts and not related to the then-ongoing campaign.

Stephanopoulos reminded the lawyer that this case was well known, adding there are three questions at the heart of the matter.

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Three Vital Questions

The host pointed out that those questions are: did Trump authorize the payment, was payment appropriately recorded, and how was this connected to the elections.

Tacopina did not want to answer the first question but jumped onto the third. The host kept asking, “Did Trump authorize the payment?” Tacopina replied it was not related to the elections directly.

Comments below the ABC’s tweet were rather amusing, with one saying, “Never a good sign when Defence counsel gets flustered, animated, airyated…confrontational..”

Another person shared, “This is why you pay your lawyers, folks. I wouldn’t hire this guy to fight a traffic ticket.”

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The Lawyer Repeated His Words On Other Channels

Speaking to Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Tacopina stated, again, that his client was the victim of extorsion.

Talking to NewsNation host Dan Abrams, Tacopina said, “The one thing I still hold onto is hope that justice will prevail.” He admitted that an indictment against Trump in the New York hush money probe is now “more probable.”

Trump recently wrote on Truth Social, “With respect to the ‘Stormy’ nonsense, it is VERY OLD & happened a long time ago, long past the very publicly known & accepted deadline of the Statute of Limitations.”

Daniels clapped back, “Thanks for just admitting that I was telling the truth about EVERYTHING.”

Melania’s Former BFF Makes A Statement

A former friend of Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, tweeted that the so-called “Melania Defense” won’t work because “Melania knew.”

The hush-money case is one of several cases Trump faces while making a comeback run for the White House in 2024. Others include an investigation into election interference in Georgia, the probe of storing classified documents at his Florida home, and a defamation lawsuit by E. Jean Carroll.

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