Mid-Air Meltdown: Woman Confronts Mom Over Noisy Child on Flight, Gets Told to Mind Her Own Business

A 21-year-old woman was flying from Dallas, Texas, to Los Angeles for a job. She was seated next to a toddler who was misbehaving. Though the woman asked the mom to parent her child, the mother dismissed her.

Talking to Reddit, the woman added that the child was around “3-4 years old.” The mother, in her late 20s, kept staring at her phone as the woman tried to “make eye contact with her as a way to inform her that her child is not behaving.”

The toddler was “standing up on the seat and stomping while mildly screaming.” This started 20 minutes into the flight.

The original poster wrote, “I thought maybe after like 10 mins the child would get tired and sit, low and behold, the child didn’t.” This is when she “tapped the mom on her shoulder and told her that she should watch her child and tell him to sit down.”

But, the mom only “gave me a dirty look and told me to mind my own business.”

Asking if she was an a…hole, the woman found hundreds of responses, most of which criticized the mother’s parenting skills. The woman wanted to know if she was in the wrong, assuming that “She could be busy and tired, and I’m not sure if I should critique someone’s parenting skills.”

A comment that gathered over a thousand upvotes read, “NTA and parents that can’t control their kids shouldn’t travel with them.”

Someone added, “Correction-parents that refuse to parent their children shouldn’t have them.”

Another person wrote, “I would have flagged down a flight attendant at that point. I have kids. I give a BIG pass to parents who are desperately trying to calm their kids but can’t. I have ZERO sympathy for parents who don’t parent, then act offended when people don’t want to listen to their screaming kid.”

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Another shared, “That mother needs to pay attention to her very obvious rowdy child.”

Someone concluded, “Poor kid is probably trying to get attention from her.”

More people echoed this, as a person wrote, “. It’s a plane with other people on it. If someone can’t handle being asked to quiet their child down after getting on a flight and letting their kid behave like that, they shouldn’t get on the plane.”

Others pointed out that the child’s behavior was dangerous, “If the plane hit turbulence, the kid would have gone tumbling off the seat.”

Another person said, “I’m shocked the flight attendant didn’t address this; turbulence isn’t always forewarned & heaven forbid the kid could have gotten a concussion or broken a bone.”

Though many suggested that the solution would have been calling a flight attendant, someone said they were told it was better to talk to the parent.

Overall, people were not having any of it, as a Reddit user wrote, “I really don’t understand people who behave like this.” And another poster added, “She made it your business when her indifference to her child resulted in the child making a scene and impacting you.”

Were you in this situation? How would you handle the original poster’s dilemma?

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