Woman ended up in a hospital after holding in farts around her boyfriend for two years

A woman shared her unfortunate incident on TikTok, and it went viral. The saddest thing is that the ordeal could have been prevented if she had only dared to pass the wind in front of her boyfriend.

The woman, whose handle is @cazakid69, said that holding in the gases for two years put her in the hospital.

The couple from Ireland do everything and everywhere together. The TikTok poster said she feels comfortable in front of her man, but passing gas is not among those things.

The video shows a photo of the young couple with an overlay text saying, “Me and my boyfriend doing everything together and comfortable.” However, it then shows a short video of the young woman from the hospital, with the overlay text saying, “Me having my appendix removed because I hold in my farts around him.”

Many women recognized themselves in the post, which gathered over two million views.

One of the most upvoted comments read, “New fear unlocked.”

Another said, “I’ll take the appendix removal.”

Someone observed, “POV: What you go through when you’re in a relationship.”

Others were in disbelief: “Wait! Can this actually happen?!!!”

One person claimed they “held them in ALL MY LIFE around EVERYONE. None of my friends and family have witnessed me letting one RIP since I was a baby.”

Some shared news from Brazil, as this person wrote, “A famous singer here in 🇧🇷 just got hospitalized for the same reason.”

One person joked, “I’m screaming!” But the original poster did not take it to heart and replied, with smiling emojis, “Not a vibe!”

Another young woman wrote, “omg, I’ve been holding mine in from Dean for years.”


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Many wished the original poster a speedy recovery, while another said, “My stomach problems have gotten 10x worse since having a bf for this reason alone.”

There is little to support claims that holding in gases causes long-term effects. However, it is known they cause discomfort, so holding one in should not be an option.

Healthline writes, “Gas can cause bloating and discomfort. Farting is a healthy way of releasing gas from your body.”

The video gathered nearly 3k comments and over 12.4 thousand shares.

Do you think people ever feel comfortable enough to pass gas in front of their partners? Or do you believe it is not a big deal and it should be normalized?

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