“What an odd thing to say for someone not being charged with treason.” – If he gets convicted, Donald Jr. will identify as a female so he can go to a women’s prison to have more fun

Donald Trump’s oldest son, much like his father, is not a stranger to controversies. Talking on Full Send Podcast, the businessman shared how he would identify as a female to have more fun in women’s jail if he was convicted of treason.

The joke was on Donald Jr.

Many people across social media thought this joke did not go as well as Trump Jr. thought. One Twitter user wrote, “Oh don’t worry, junior….when you go to prison, you will most definitely be the woman.” Another added, “Guess who never jokes about getting convicted for treason? Those who are not treasonous!”

Others exclaimed things do not work that way

A Reddit user pointed out, “Correctional officer here, that’s not how it works! We have male inmates who think they can declare that they are females, and they end up with other guys also claiming to be females.” Another person wondered, “Don’t you go to military prison if you’re convicted of treason?”

Other controversies surrounding Trump Jr.’s social media

Donald Trump Jr. is fiercely defending his father, but some of his moves were heavily criticized. Last week, he shared a picture of the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan on Truth Social and Twitter. He claimed his father was subjected to a “hand-picked Democrat show trial.”

He also has a new project regarding kids

While Donald Trump posted “World War III” on Truth Social, his oldest child shared a Twitter post about children and free speech. The tweet read, “Time to push back & undo so much of the insanity taught to our kids. The Kids Guide to Free Speech tells kids that they have a God-given right to voice their opinions & teaches them to deal with those who wish to silence them.”

Donald Jr.’s fiancée is a vocal Trump supporter

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Jr.’s fiancée, revealed in an interview with Newsmax: “They’re after Donald Trump because they’re really after you.” Guilfoyle worked as national finance chair for Trump’s 2020 campaign.

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