15 “Unmanly” Things Manly Guys Do and Are NOT Sorry

Many people are no longer afraid to step outside the gender norms to redefine them and make their lives richer. Things that used to be considered “unmanly” are not celebrated among all genders since they bring joy, and some are essential to one’s well-being. So, what are the things that men enjoy, though society still thinks of them as “unmanly?” Here are some prime examples, according to Reddit users:


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People forget that sewing was one of the five original industrial arts. Even more so, sailors invented knitting, so saying that sewing is unmanly is wrong on so many levels. Sewing and knitting have similar effects to meditation. Aside from that, it is pretty cool to hear things like this Redditor user’s post, “I’ve sewn my daughter cosplays.”

Reading romance novels

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Romance novels are marketed towards women, but men can enjoy them too. There is nothing “unmanly” about enjoying a good love story. Everyone deserves to enjoy a good book, regardless of genre.

Sipping fruity drinks

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Men should have colorful cocktails without being judged. Right? Well, in theory, as one Reddit poster wrote, “I ordered a “feminine” drink, and my Dad made fun of me.” He added, “I drank that thing with pride.” That attitude is manly despite someone labeling your drink as “unmanly.”

Enjoying ballet and theatre

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Art is connected to emotions, and some of the most prominent artists were quite the ladies’ men. Ballet dancers are incredibly flexible and muscular, and if your son wants to skip baseball practice for ballet classes, you should be supportive. Even watching ballet can be quite an experience!

Caring for the environment

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According to a Scientific American survey, men shy away from being openly eco-friendly since it is “unmanly. Being a savior, however, is quite a manly quality by anyone’s standards, so caring for the environment, and saving the planet, certainly should fall into that category.

Wearing unconventional outfits

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While specific work or school-related dress code exists, for the most part, people can and should wear what they want. Many guys like to put on eyeliner, paint their nails or wear mesh shirts. Reddit users pointed out that the Greeks/Romans wore tunics, basically dresses. Another shared how “anatomy-wise, men should be wearing skirts because pants constrict” the privates.

Caring for others, including other men

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Showing affection is something girlfriends do all the time. But, for many guys, this is “unmanly” or “girly,” as if they do not have insecurities or need support. Hugging a person is comforting, and “unmanly” men should keep working on normalizing hugging and being there for each other. The same goes for crying since keeping your emotions bottled up can lead to catastrophic damage to your overall health.

Standing up for women’s rights

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If you are not an ally, you are part of the problem. Women who support women’s rights do not hate men and do not want to emasculate them. Instead, they want you to recognize their everyday struggles. If you do and want to be part of the solution, there is nothing more manly than learning, despite what other “man’s men” have to say.

Avoiding “macho” conflicts

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Men can’t help themselves: if someone challenges them in a duel, they will not back down. While guys think that backing down from a fight is “unmanly,” women disagree. A manly man is a protector. The only thing a bar fight usually protects is someone’s ego.

Being a househusband

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Since men no longer have to hunt to put food on the table, they can choose to be househusbands. If a wife has a better-paying job, and someone needs to take care of the house, why is it “unmanly” for the husband to step up? Men are often better cooks (think Gordon Ramsy or Anthony Bourdain), they can clean, as established, and take care of the kids.


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As a fun and healthy activity, dancing can enhance coordination, balance, and cardiovascular health. Many men enjoy dancing, whether it is ballroom, salsa, hip-hop, or any other style. It is a great way to express oneself and connect with others.

Cooking and baking

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Cooking and baking are creative and practical skills essential to life. Some men have found joy in cooking, and it is not “unmanly” to be a good cook. In fact, many professional chefs are men.

Taking care of their appearance

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Taking care of one’s appearance is important for self-esteem and confidence. Men can take care of their skin, hair, and nails without judgment. Self-care is not a gendered activity.


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Yoga is an ancient practice that promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is an excellent way to relieve stress, improve flexibility, and strengthen the body. Many men have discovered the benefits of yoga and practice it regularly, despite the stereotype that it is a women’s activity.


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Toxic masculinity sees gardening as unmanly. But isn’t farming merely gardening on a larger scale? Also, gardening has benefits for the body and soul. As some internet users pointed out, “a manly man does what he finds necessary or interesting regardless of what others may deem manly.”

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