Unbelievable Projections: Trump and DeSantis Leading Biden in Race for White House 2024

Despite his legal troubles, Donald Trump is ahead of Joe Biden, the latest poll revealed. Trump’s wild card is undecided voters, the ABC News/Washington Post poll said.

People prefer Trump, according to the poll

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The poll suggests that the president is behind his biggest rival by seven points. The survey asked if respondents would “definitely” vote for Biden, Trump, or someone else, or “probably” vote for Trump or Biden, or vote for someone else or not vote at all.

Trump is leading the “definitely” pile

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Trump leads 36 next to Biden’s 32 points among those who answered they would “definitely” choose one of two of the most prominent (potential) candidates.

The gap is even wider when it comes to the “probably” pile

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Those who answered “probably” widened the gap, and Trump is in the lead 45-38.

DeSantis over Biden

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DeSantis still cannot pull big numbers to get closer to Trump. However, among those who said “defiantly,” Biden and DeSantis are equal, 32-32.

The Florida governor takes a lead over Biden

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Among those who said they would “probably” vote for Biden or DeSantis, DeSantis pulls ahead 42-37.

More bad news for Biden

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The president has 36 percent of voters who approve of the way he has been working so far, an ABC/Washington Post poll said. On the other hand, 56 percent do not support Biden’s policies.

Biden’s all-time low

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POTUS has a lot to worry about, as this survey suggests he hit an all-time low in popularity. His latest confusion over announcing the press conference certainly does not help. 

The question of economy

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People who were in the survey were asked, “Who do you think did a better job handling the economy – Donald Trump when he was president or Joe Biden during his presidency so far?” The answer might surprise some.

MAGA power

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Among those involved in the poll, 54 percent picked Trump, compared to 36 percent who chose Biden’s way of handling the economy.

Mental acuity

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94%of Republicans, 69% of independents, and 21% of Democrats said Biden lacks the sharpness to be president. Only 32% believe Biden has the mental acuity to lead the country for the next four years, compared to 54% of those who believe in Trump’s cognitive abilities.

Physical health

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Trump also leads regarding physical health, though the age difference between the two senior candidates is only four years. Only 33% think Biden has physical ability worthy of a president, while 64% would give their vote to Trump.

Democrats are torn

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58% of democrats and democratic-leaning people in the survey claim they would like to see someone other than Biden as a presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.

DeSantis’ advantage 

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Though he is far behind Trump, DeSantis has several advantages. Trump has potential legal issues that might bring the Florida governor more GOP voters than these polls suggest. 

Trump does not want to debate

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For starters, the 45th president does not want to do preliminary debates. If DeSantis plays it right, he could take over a good portion of MAGA voters.

General “exhaustion”

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Another poll showed that people are exhausted by Biden and Trump, which gives a third candidate a good start. People are tired of the same older men leading the country, giving DeSantis, who is in his mid-40s, a clear advantage.

Disney vs. numerous charges

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While DeSantis is running in circles with Disney, Trump has at least three cases in New York and potential charges in Georgia. The Democrats do not have their second-best yet, but that might not be a bad thing. Unlike GOP voters, who are divided between two figures, Democratic voters still have only one.

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