GOP presidential hopeful promises $20 million to kick Trump off the ballot and stop the US “shifting toward fascism”

The GOP presidential candidate whose chances of winning are slim to none, John Anthony Castro, has one goal: to mess up Trump’s plans and stop the shift “toward fascism.”

Castro’s motives

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Castro plans to spend the following six months in New Hampshire, as he told the Raw Story. He wants to establish his campaign operation and try to talk to people, including Democrats and independents, to join him in fighting Trump and the Republican Party “shifting toward fascism.”

The presidential candidate has money and more

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Castro wants to burn down this “shift toward fascism,” and the lawyer and Texas tax company executive by trade’s self-funded campaign has over $20 million.

Castro’s life without legal troubles 

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Castro does not have a political position, but he also does not have legal issues, indictments, and likely insider knowledge regarding the leading Republican nominee, twice impeached, four times indicted former President.

Everyone is afraid of attacking Trump

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The young and wealthy Texan explained that “Nobody’s really attacking him,” and he is not alone in this mindset. 

DeSantis is staying quiet 

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Several prominent conservatives wondered the same, but the bubble had to burst with Florida’s Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, and Senator Tim Scott saying anything about anyone except Trump. 

Castro is keeping things vague 

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Castor, who proclaimed, “I’d rather burn it down than go in this direction,” did not say if he would buy ads, get involved in political stunts, or spread fake news… It is all being kept under wraps for now, but it appears that he has a perfectly legal strategy.

Tricky situation 

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“A lot of supporters feel like an attack on Trump is an attack on them. And so we have a way of addressing that — that is going to go after him, but without alienating the voters,” Castro said and added that this will be tricky, “That’s what we’re being very, very crafty about. And that — I don’t want to reveal too much on. But yeah, we do have a strategy on that.”

Castro wants a debate with Trump

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Castro will have his day with the former President – in court. Castro sued Trump, asking a federal judge to declare Trump constitutionally ineligible to try to become POTUS again, citing Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

14th Amendment vs. Trump 

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It disqualifies someone from holding public office if they are involved in an insurrection, and a vast number of legal experts from all sides of the political spectrum are looking into it. 

The young nominee knows he’s fortunate

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“I’ve been very fortunate and blessed in the business world. I’m not one of these people who always wants more and more. I’m very content and happy with where I’m at right now in life. I don’t need more. I view this more as not mine but more as a gift to be able to do something like this. And so it doesn’t faze me. If I never got that loan paid back, it wouldn’t bother me,” said Castro regarding the fact that he’s willing to spend a fortune to stop Trump.

His wife and family are supportive

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Castro said, “I have my family’s support. My wife is, of course, nervous.” The wife is primarily worried about their young children, “My wife’s primary concern is our children, the safety of our children.”

Safety concerns 

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Castro ended his interview with The Raw Story with a chilling proclamation, ” She’s concerned that they will be physically harmed. And let’s be honest, it’s an actual possibility.”

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