“Trust The Science” Shares Marjorie Taylor After Saying, “They’re ruining our country, these vaccine Nazis”


The sign read that there are two genders, male and female, but what is more interesting is how Greene “trusted the science” in the past few years.

Greene, at one point, compared mandatory masks to Holocaust.

The Georgia representative had to apologize because that comment did not sit well with anyone, but she did not stop spreading unproven statements as facts during the pandemic.

Representative Brad Schnieder said,  “he was pleasantly surprised that she took the time to go to the United States Holocaust Museum.”

Speaking in front of the Capitol, Green reminded: “all kinds of people” were killed in the Holocaust, adding those were the “people that the Nazis didn’t believe were good enough or perfect enough.”


However, Greene pointed out, “I believe that forced mask and forced vaccines or vaccine passports are a type of discrimination, and I’m very much against that type of discrimination.”

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