“They Are Destroying Masculinity”: Man Gets Triggered by Boys’ T-Shirts at Target, Complains About Rainbows and Wokeness


The man, wearing a pinkish shirt with signs for a man and a woman, first confirmed twice he was in the boys’ section of “his local Target.”

He picked up a white tee and said, “Dinosaurs are cool, right,” and exclaimed, “There’s a big rainbow behind.”

Continuing, he pointed out at the blue tee with a cloud, “Hula hooping with a rainbow.”

He then asks, “What’s this,” adding, “Trucks are cool, right?” He asks more, “Why are we picking up a rainbow? Why is this boys’ clothing today?”


Still, he was not done. “Like baby shark? Bye, bye,” the man said as he showed a pastel tee with a shark and rainbow colors in the background.

He then said, “There’s masculinity. That’s what they’re doing. To destroying masculinity.”

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