“They Are Destroying Masculinity”: Man Gets Triggered by Boys’ T-Shirts at Target, Complains About Rainbows and Wokeness

A man went viral after somewhat creepily browsing through boy’s T-shirts at his local Target.

The man, wearing a pinkish shirt with signs for a man and a woman, first confirmed twice he was in the boys’ section of “his local Target.”

He picked up a white tee and said, “Dinosaurs are cool, right,” and exclaimed, “There’s a big rainbow behind.”

Continuing, he pointed out at the blue tee with a cloud, “Hula hooping with a rainbow.”

He then asks, “What’s this,” adding, “Trucks are cool, right?” He asks more, “Why are we picking up a rainbow? Why is this boys’ clothing today?”

Still, he was not done.

“Like baby shark? Bye, bye,” the man said as he showed a pastel tee with a shark and rainbow colors in the background.

He then said, “There’s masculinity. That’s what they’re doing. To destroying masculinity.”

The man urged parents to “stand up against this wokeness.” He specifically called people to stand up as “leaders and fathers.”

Many wondered why this man was not shopping while in the children’s section.

One person wrote, “Totally like my Dad. Keep talking that way, and he might end up with a gay son like me.”

Someone shared, “What an insecure idiot. Bet dollars to donuts he’s one of those who can’t define the true meaning of ‘woke.’ Is he implying that rainbows are emasculating?? How so? What’s the connection?? Explain this one to me. I’m all ears.”

Interestingly enough, the rainbow appears in the Bible multiple times, as one verse says, “Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant.”

It signalizes the connection between a man and a God.

Additionally, as one person responded to the tweet, “Rainbows are magical.”

Boys and girls cannot be masculine or feminine. They are children, and they enjoy bold colors and loud prints. Preteens and teens are a different story, but the man was in a section that said kids and toddlers.

Besides, true masculinity comes from within. It is not limited to someone’s fashion choices.

Rainbows are natural phenomena, and they appear in numerous folklore stories. This multicolored circular arc is an optic illusion caused by reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light in water droplets.

Several Twitter responses were on point, with one saying, “I guess we should outlaw rainbows in the sky as well?”

Another shared, “Of course, he messes up the table of shirts and leaves it for someone else to clean up.”

What do you think about this clip? Is this an example of homophobia and toxic masculinity, or is this just a person willing to go through kids’ clothes for likes?

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