“Reduce stress by going to prison” – Former Inmate, Whose Roommate Was a Serial Killer, Claims Sleeping In Prison Was Better


In the viral TikTok video, Crosson said,  “I slept better in a prison than I do in the free world.”

Though he had no idea how to relax while in prison, he found out that he was placed in a cell with a serial killer, and eventually, it became the only life he knew.

Life in prison was “a very simple life,” Crosson added. “I got up, went to work, I did programs, I exercised, I hung out with buddies, and I read.”

He then proclaims, “There was nothing to keep me up at night.” 


Crosson continued, “There was no social media to scroll through. There was no worry about bills or big aspirations or plans for the future.”

That’s why the former inmate, now a TikTok sensation, “slept soundly.”

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