"My Adult Children Are Idiots”: Parent Buys 500 Stickers and Labels All Things in The House, Gets Petty Revenge


As much as you love your children, once they are over 18, they are more like sloppy roommates than those adorable little ones you used to run around with at home.

The original Reddit poster shared that they had to use a pricey “medicated shampoo because of a scalp condition.”

This expensive shampoo “comes in packaging meant to be stored upright.” But do you think adult children respect that?

The parent shared how the daughter “has her hair products in the shower, and I do not touch them. The son has Axe or “woman repellent,” and “I have zero desire to smell like a high school locker room.”


The poster had enough and ordered 500 stickers that say ‘this side up’ with an arrow pointing upwards

As for the shampoo, it was “literally covered in them.” But it did not end there, the OP admitted they labeled other items in the house.

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