“I think they’re gonna shoot him. I think they’re gonna blow his airplane up” – Alex Jones Spreads Panic On His Podcast, Defends Trump Again


Jones was a massive part of MAGA in 2016. The conspiracy theorist and Infowars host compared Trump to George Washington and said 90% of his listeners endorsed his candidacy.

Jones even claimed that Trump called him to thank him after the win. However, things went south.

Two years ago, an interview from 2019 leaked, where Jones said, “I wish I would never have fu–ing met Trump … I’m so sick of fucking Donald Trump, man. God, I’m fucking sick of him.”

But things only escalated when Trump suggested people should get vaccinated later in 2021.


After the Waco rally, Jones said, “Whether Trump is for real or not, the deep state hates his guts.” Jones noted that “they” see him as the most significant rival.

He continued by saying that Trump is aware of what is happening, adding he likes everything he heard from Trump.

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