Fatty FatGirl, Beebeefat, moo moo: People Shocked at Savage Plus-Sized Shop Names in Asia


A 19-second clip on TikTok revealed some of the plus-size stores in Asia.

Fat Girls, Fatty Fatgirl, Love Calories, Moo Moo, Thai Fat, BeeBeeFat, and Fat Cat are among them.

Many comments pointed out this is “disrespectful” and “rude.”

Not everyone hated the store names, but TikTok users shared their experiences, with one woman saying she was size 12 and had to shop in thrift stores while in Japan.


One commentator shared that “their plus size is like a size medium.” Additionally, people wondered why were all store names in English.

One of the most popular names has to be Love Calories. People found it witty, though many would not dare share they got their shirts from that store.

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