Fatty FatGirl, Beebeefat, moo moo… People are shocked by savage plus-sized shop names in Asia

You must have noticed how women of South and East Asia always have slim frames and perfectly shiny hair. Though you think this is due to lifestyle and genetics, one viral clip proved there is more than that.

Weird names for plus-size stores

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A 19-second clip on TikTok revealed some of the plus-size stores in Asia. Fat Girls, Fatty Fatgirl, Love Calories, Moo Moo, Thai Fat, BeeBeeFat, and Fat Cat are among them.

Isn’t this disrespectful?

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Many comments pointed out this is “disrespectful” and “rude.” Not everyone hated the store names, but TikTok users shared their experiences, with one woman saying she was size 12 and had to shop in thrift stores while in Japan.

Many pointed out the irony

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One commentator shared that “their plus size is like a size medium.” Additionally, people wondered why were all store names in English.

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Some thought the names were cute

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One of the most famous names has to be Love Calories. People found it witty, though many would not dare share they got their shirts from that store.

One TikTok user compared it to South Park

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“This seems like something out of South Park,” wrote one poster. Another shared that the names are the definition of “passive-aggressive.”

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Fat shaming as a form of tough love

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Due to cultural differences, women in Asia, especially in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China, will respectfully nod if family members comments on their weight. Some say it is tough love, but it is a road to disaster.

Ideal woman

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Body or fat shaming affects men and women. However, just like in Western civilizations, women get more criticism. The ideal woman has pale skin and a thin frame.

This phenomenon is present all over Asia

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People in the USA are obsessed with Hollywood. For Asia, you replace it with Bollywood and get the same points. All actresses are gorgeous, with perfectly fragile frames and only curves in certain places. Their lips are pouty, and their skin is glossy.

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Parents are to blame

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If you cannot accept that your child shops at Love Calories, you are setting them up for failure. Talking to Medium, the person revealed that during their teen years, the dad would “tell me not to eat/drink certain things because they had too much fat in it.”

A wedding disaster

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Another person was asked, “You can move your hips like that, but you’re still THAT fat?” The woman was at her brother’s wedding and wanted to celebrate. The woman said she was size 14, and it took her years to accept her body.

Teacher shares their opinion

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A biology teacher mentioned that models eat only green apples. This led the 13-year-old girl to develop an eating disorder. Though she might be okay now, many teen girls are affected by similar comments.

Malicious or honest?

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Being slim is a beauty standard worldwide. Though Western countries are campaigning for body positivity, the reality is that people will always judge others, especially those who do not fit the norm. On the other hand, Asian cousins might be harsh, but they are just saying what Western aunts are thinking.

Older generations are crueler

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Millennials across the globe recognize that body shaming is harmful. Should a store name define your personality? Of course not. But, replacing an unhealthy mindset and loving yourself can only help younger generations to overcome the fear of not being thin.

Not everyone is born a supermodel

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Not everyone is born equal: some have big bones, wider hips, or slower metabolism. And that should be okay, regardless of where you shop.

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