“You didn’t plug it in, but you are paying for it”: Woman’s Electricity Bill Doubles After Contractors Illegally Use Her Power Outlet for Construction Project

Latoya Abron from Los Angeles shared that her electricity bill went from 200 to nearly 400 dollars. When she found the reason, she created a viral video, but it did not improve her situation.

In the first video, Latoya shared her concerns and showed viewers that contractors were using her home’s exterior electrical to finish a project nearby.

Latoya called the contractor and the police. The contractor did not respond, and the police said they could not make a report.

Commentators on TikTok were fuming. One wrote, “Buy an outlet lock cover with the lock at the hardware store.” Another shared, “how you can’t make a report when they’re doing something illegal? Yea, ima cut the cord and let them figure it out.”

The third chimed in, “Send the company a bill and if they don’t pay it, sue them.”

People really wanted to find the solution, as a TikTok user suggested, “go to your breaker panel and turn the specific breaker OFF to that socket or they will just cut it back on when you’re not home.”

Others advised her to cut the cord, install security cameras, and “Call the power company, that’s considered theft.”

Latoya, whose TikTok handle is lathelyfe, explained why some suggestions might not work in a follow-up video.

Abron shared that she did not want to unplug the cord “because I wasn’t the one to plug it in.” However, she said, “I went and got the contractor and I had him unplug it since that is his profession, not mine.”

@lathelyfe Contractors, stealing electricity from my house. #lathelyfe #newconstructionhome #newhome #builder ♬ original sound – LA TheLyfe

One comment said, “You didn’t plug it in, but you are paying for it.”

Another wrote, “Pull your electric bills for the last 6 mo. Include the bills that show the jump in usage. Take copies to the construction co with a bill for the diff.” Latoya responded, “House was built two months ago. It definitely jumped from the first month we have lived in the house.”

She also liked this comment, “Trespass them from your property. Then if they cross on your yard, it’s a criminal matter.”

Latoya shared another video, saying, “I thought stealing electricity was a crime, but maybe it operates a little different out here.”

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The police told her she had to bring her issue up in civil court. Though they were friendly, they did not help Latoya.

What was weird was that the policewoman asked for Latoya’s ID, but when she talked to the contractors, she did not ask for any documents.

More people shared their thoughts, with one person saying, “You’re nicer than me, I’d unplug that damn thing and cut the tip off so they can’t plug it back in and pitch the rest of the cord back on their side.”

Another wrote They’ve been using your power since the start of the build, sister. Hope you’ve demanded payment for the overage charges?!”

The third simply stated, “Contact your electric provider.”

@lathelyfe When the police arrived. #lathelyfe #newconstructionhomes #newhouse #builder #police #zyxcba ♬ original sound – LA TheLyfe

Finally, the police got involved, but the woman said in a separate video that the contractor did not even apologize.

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