Woman Tells Her Dad To Mind His Own Business After He Criticizes Her for Taking Time to Relax on Weekends

A 26-year-old woman has recently taken to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong for telling her father it was “none of his business” if she wanted to lay around in bed all day.

Bills Paid, Laundry Done, So What Else?

On the AITA (Am I A…hole) subreddit, one woman has asked the internet its opinion concerning her dad’s comment about how she spends her weekends.

The story starts with the woman explaining that she is 26 years old and works a full-time job to pay all the bills for her apartment. 

When she isn’t working, she prefers to spend her weekends lying in bed watching Netflix. Scrolling TikTok or just napping to rejuvenate for the work week ahead. 

She admits that this isn’t the most “productive” way to spend her time, but at least all of her immediate responsibilities are handled and taken care of with no outside help. 

“Therefore, it’s harming no one if I choose to stay in bed,” she writes.

Dad Has A Problem With His Daughter Still Lying In Bed At 4 pm

The story continues with the OP explaining that her father called her one afternoon on WhatsApp and saw that she was still lying in bed, in her PJs, at 4 pm.

Her father immediately went on the attack, taking “little digs” at her and making passive-aggressive remarks such as “Good evening” and asking the OP what she had done all day. 

The OP didn’t hesitate to tell him that she had done “absolutely nothing,” to which he responded that it was “ridiculous” that she thought it was “acceptable” to laze about in bed all day.

“I responded that it is none of his d… business if I want to lie in bed all weekend and abruptly ended the call,” the OP said.

Redditors Agree: She’s an Adult and Can Do Whatever She Wants

At the end of the post, the OP reveals that she feels she was in the right, but her aunt and best friend seem to think she was wrong for saying that.

Fortunately for the OP, she received overwhelming support from other Redditors for two things: Standing up to her dad and doing whatever she wanted. 

One commenter pointed out that it was terrific how parents still try to control their children, even when they’re adults. 

Another commenter pointed out that “Dad” was still holding onto “boomer beliefs” about what he thinks his daughter should be doing instead of what she’s allowed to do. 

Others pointed out that this was a standard weekend for them, and they never received any slack from their parents or anyone else. One person even said they wished they could do what the OP did every weekend!

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Source: Reddit