Woman Accidentally Applies for Her Own Job at the Same Company – “Like Matching With Your Boyfriend On Tinder”

A Real Estate agent, Rachel McIlravey, shared a short clip on TikTok that surpassed one million views.

The video shows Rachel’s face in disbelief. The overlay text says, “When I accidentally applied for my own job because the company I work at was hiring under a different company name.”

Some comments were quite amusing, as someone wrote, “That’s like matching with your boyfriend on Tinder.”

Another said, “My job was hiring for a position at… my job…. For higher pay. So I applied. Gotta fight toxicity with toxicity.”

People were also full of understanding, as a TikTok user said, “Honestly, the audacity of employers to assume their employees aren’t open to a better opportunity while simultaneously refusing to pay them properly.”

In the caption, the young woman shared that she talked to CEO. One of the comments read, “If CEOs think their employees aren’t applying to other jobs, they’re kinda insane.” Rachel replied, “Literally, what I told them!”

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Another Tik Tok user pondered, “But why was the job advertised…”

Some gave good advice, “If HR calls you out: you say “I am always open to competitive opportunities.”

Others were confused, “Why would a company hire under a different name? Why was her job posted if she was already doing the job?”

Since many people wanted to know more, @rachelmcilravey7 posted a follow-up video.

This video is longer, and Rachel discusses how many commentators did the same thing. She did not expect her video to go viral.

Rachel no longer works for that company and is self-employed now. Regarding the job incident, she said the company was expanding, but the employees did not know any of it. The pay was great, and that position sounded better than the one she held.

Rachel then explained that it was “a very toxic work environment.” She was unhappy about the workload, nor did she do the job she thought she was hired for.

That is why she thought the new job would make sense. Once she met with the CEO, Rachel told her the truth and left on her own.

She concluded, “You just gotta own it, be honest.”

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Comments were positive, as someone simply wrote, “Respect.”

Another chimed in, “Using a different company name is an attempt to keep job prospects from finding out it’s a cra.py company to work at.”

The third said, “This is ultimately a reflection of the company. You couldn’t find career development or growth opportunities internally, so you looked elsewhere.”

What would you do if you were in Rachel’s position?

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