Moms Rage Over Daycare Volunteer Sharing a Suggestive Video While Changing a Baby’s Diaper, Gets Named and Shamed

The deleted video’s full caption was “When I volunteered at a daycare, and I had to change this [baby’s] diaper.”

It then showed a woman’s eyes almost popping out while changing the presumably baby boy’s nappy.

The look on the woman’s face was disturbing enough, though many did not make a connection until they realized which emoji she used.

People accused the young woman of objectifying the baby and wanted to expose her.


Tanya said that the woman who posted the video was “vile” and that she proved that women could be predators, not only men.

Moms commented on Tanya’s video, and many expressed their concerns. One woman wrote, “this is why I am a stay-at-home mom.”

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