Mom Punishes Son for Doodling In Class, Makes Him Exercise Until He’s Shaking, Causes Stir Online

The video, with over 6 million views, started with a mom saying that her son got an assignment but decided to entertain himself by doodling.

The son told the teacher he had no intention of doing his work.

That’s when the mom left work and went to school. However, she was not allowed to enter since she did not have an appointment.

The woman recalled, “The lady was like, ‘I’m really sorry, you can’t go to the classroom. It’s a school rule.'"

This mom was not in a mood, so she countered,  “Ma’am, my son is not disrespectful by appointment. He’s disrespectful right now. I need to go right now.”


Since the answer was still “no,” the mom checked her son out. Her initial plan was to show him how to behave in front of his classmates, but when that failed, she had to think of her feet.

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