MAGA Supporter Steps Into The Middle of the Banner “Trump Lies All The Time,” Tries To Ruin It, Flashes Everyone

One woman with a MAGA hat stepped right into the middle of a sign which read “Trump Lies All The Time.”

She tried to lift it but instead lost her balance and flashed a significant portion of the crowds.

After this, she continued screaming, “You are on the wrong side,” while people tried to take the piece of the sign’s fabric she was still holding in her hands.

Reddit users left numerous comments, as one person shared, “Am I the only one that had a millisecond of dread that she was squatting to pee on the banner?”


Another wrote, “Why do MAGAs have such a problem with accepting the reality that exists before their very eyes?”

The anti-Trump camp had several banners, including “Lock Him Up,” while pro-Trump MAGA crowds held “Trump or Death.”

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